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Open topic | July 4th, 2007 | 3 Comments

I have been pretty busy lately with work and have had just few hours a day for myself, since i had just those two hours for me, i said let it go..will dedicate it to my readers and my blog.

I installed new plugins on my blog, one should make easier to connect readers from one post to another on a related topic, in other words, the plugin is related posts plugin. This plugin will display 5 related posts at the bottom of the post you are reading so it makes easier for you to find out more new things on the topic of your interest by just following from a post to another. The plugin that Mr Wasabi wrote is free for use and you can download.

The second plugin i have installed is called Show Top Commentators, i have set this plugin to be visible on the right sidebar and it will show the 5 top commentators of this blog. The good thing about the commentators is that they will receive a free backlink not only by commenting on the posts, but also will receive a free sitewide backlink if they get rated as the Top 5 commentators.
This plugin gives lots of options, for example, i have set that the post count wipes at the end of each month, so to get listed again on the top commentators on the next month you will have to follow and comment the new posts. It is a good way to incentive readers to be a part of the blog and comment the posts, since that can help many other silent readers to find out more new tips if something was not mentioned in the post.

The third and the last plugin is the one you can see in the on the top of the right sidebar, a WordPress Ajax Newsletter. Author of this plugin is Tiago Pocinho of Siemens Networks, S.A.
This plugin lets you subscribe to the newsletter and receive newsletter after certain number of posts (I have set to send a newsletter after 5 posts, so it will practically send a newsletter and let you know about the last 5 posts on this blog, feel free to subscribe)

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3 Responses to “New plugins in my blog”
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  2. Alex R. says:

    Is the Top Comment plugin installed? Maybe my browser is screwy again… Good choice of plugins. The related posts, I’ve been just selecting posts of similiarity (lol). This will definitely help me out!

  3. The top commentators plugin is installed and working, and neither your browser is broken.

    The thing is that each month I have to approve the first comment before you can continue to comment. It helps me keep the comment list free of spam.

    Thank you for taking your time to comment Alex 😉