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Google search engine | April 5th, 2007 | Comments Off on Next Google PR update

Hello bloggers,

There is a huge rumor on the webmaster forums and loads of questions about the next Google’s PR., and everyone is just inpatient and waiting for the PageRank update. We all know that is impossible to know when Google is going to update but we can always calculate and approximatively predict when the next update is going to be by calculating the distance between one update to another of the past PageRank update.
According to that schedule of the past updates, it is predicted that the next PageRank update should of have happened in the end of the past month March or some where in the middle of April. I cannot tell you if it is worth yet to buy text links from high PR pages yet or if they will be taken in consideration at all. The fact is, the PageRank update is close, and we are all inpatient for that.

Good luck to all webmaster and best of the wishes.

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