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Make Money Online | September 18th, 2007 | 5 Comments

Today 18th September was the long waited launch of DealDotCom, many (include myself) were wondering what was the grand opening first product on sale feature with? Well now we know. DealDotCom went live with EasyMemberPro as the first product on sale, and this is NOT a crap product for sure (friend of mine uses it, it rocks).

Whats better to know yet is that the insanely discounted prices story as it was announced on make a dealdotcom.

EasyMemberPro Unlimited Sites License will cost you $297 if you buy it from EasyMemberPro while if you grab it TODAY from DealDotCom it will cost you only $148.50 (that is a heck of insanely 50% discount).

As far as it regards the grand opening, DealDotCom it gains MY trust and it sure makes me monitor their site in feature to make sure I find that what I need.

Sign up now, it is free and it saves you money.

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5 Responses to “No Crap, Serious Products”
  1. PHP eBook says:

    I will be interested to see what deals they have in the coming weeks and months. I don’t have much use for the username system program, but hopefully they will have a wide variety of offers. That, and I know some big name bloggers will be going to the bank with it.

  2. DealDotCom has been all the buzz lately – and from it’s first deal, it seems like the buzz has been worthwhile. I know that I will be checking it out a regular basis.

  3. PreBlogging says:

    The idea of deal dot com is great, but I find it annoying that every second post from people I read in the last two weeks is about them. I guess they don’t really need a advertising budget seeing as everyone else is doing that for them !

  4. Indeed it might seem a bit annoying to see everyone writing about DealDotCom, but after all, people do like to give to who deserves that. And most of all, they do like to take what can be given.
    The DealDotCom affiliate payout is the smartest one i have seen so far, having 35% of commission on products that are on sale for $100+ is a good money for many, hence people (me too) do like to push it a little and get some subscribers that might be interested to purchase a product from there and earn some $$ (after all, who doesn’t want).