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As the title says, it might happen that while trying to reach this seo blog tomorrow you won’t be let to grant access. I do not have a specific time to let you know when this might occur, but I can let you know why it will occur.

It is the time that the wordpress gets upgraded, even tho i just LOVE the current version, however there are some functions that the old wordpress doesn’t have included and I would need to use plugins for that, such as closing commenting on posts older then X days which would be very useful for me even tho the amount of comments are not too much that could put in danger my web hosting resources.

I do like more the interface of the wordpress version i currently have, i do like the fact that there are no security holes reported for this version as far as I have checked. The old but good interface it is what makes things to be user-friendly for me, while in the interface of the new wordpress that point has been somehow lost.

Now, before I rush to upgrade I need your thoughts on closing comments older then X days or no. Do you think it is good to “re-open” in discussion the older posts or they should be left at their place without the possibility to comment? Please, vote the poll and if you do have the time comment bellow about that why do you think they should remain open or why they should be closed.

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