Over $20.000 monthly with AdSense

Make Money Online | May 9th, 2007 | 1 Comment

Hello dear readers.
It has passed few days from my last post, but i have been busy working on a clients project, and while doing some researches for this clients project i ended up reading a thread talking about how much money can one make monthly as publisher with AdSense. Well, I choke with my white martini when i read a forums member post that he was earning over $20k/month.

We all know that making some money with AdSense is possible, and we also know that it is highly important to have a high traffic web site to receive a decent amount of clicks on the placed ads, the country of the traffic also is very important for example CPC on US visitor is higher then any other country, but hell, $24k/month is lots of money. It is impossible to make such money with one single site for sure, so probably owning a nice network of 4 or 5 high traffic web sites with nice content and high paying keywords…

I ask my self and my readers, is it possible to make $20.000 a month publishing AdSense ads on your web site or blog?

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One Response to “Over $20.000 monthly with AdSense”
  1. Alex says:

    I am sure it is possible to earn such money. But yes traffic is important, but the right niche is more important. I have dating sites and this niche is quite cheap in adwords. So getting a lot of traffic in this case won’t help much. So I’m thinking of creating something more adsensable)))