The PageRank is finally dancing

Google search engine | August 4th, 2007 | 5 Comments

It has been a long talk the one about the PageRank update, as it always is when the pagerank period is about to arrive. In my previous post on regard of PageRank importance in the SERPs of Google search engine i discussed about a subject which is opened in webmaster threads when the Google PR is about to update.

The post was entitled Forget PageRank ? in purpose since many do claim that PR is useless (at least for them), on that post i have tried to better explain why PageRank is not useless and how important PR is for Google search engine.

It was first predicted that PageRank update was going to happen at the end of July 2007 (July 28th PageRank update predicted) or the beginning of August 2007, so far we did not heard anything apart the rumors and the hundreds of threads opened on webmaster forums asking the same question “When is pagerank going to update?”. Well, finally we are certain that PageRank is dancing and we are going to have a PR updated very soon. We can tell this by checking PR of a website on multiple Google data centers, our last blog in the network joking blog is now showing on many data centers PR0 while before it was going to show N/A (check PR of Joking Blog). Usually when Google search engine is updating PR it will show sites as PR0 or other value for a while, until it gives the definitive PR to the site.

Good luck to those that PR is imporant.

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5 Responses to “The PageRank is finally dancing”
  1. I just stopped in to say how much I like this site and would love to review it on my blog with your permission, if your interested in the review or even a simple link exchange, please visit my site and comment, also state if you want any certain anchor text in your review.

  2. Johnny says:

    how often does the google page rank update?

  3. Hello Johnny and thanks for passing by. Google search engine updates the pagerank usually every 3-4 months (4 times a year roughly).

    To everyone else that has commented only for asking if they can do a review on this blog the answer is YES, you can write a review on this blog (positive or negative, thats up to you since it is you writing the review) without my permission, the only restriction is that the content may NOT be used unless i am giving you a permission, that kind of permission can be requested by commenting on the desired post you are willing to use.

  4. SEO Reloaded says:

    The PR for Joking site is 0 on all data centres when I just checked. Is there any other site I can check to see if it has really started? None of my sites show any change either.

  5. Hi there and thanks for passing by. Indeed, the PR of Jokingblog is now showing PR0 on all datacenters while before it was showing PR N/A. Usually when a pagerank gets update to many new sites it will display PR 0 before the final results get released.

    There are many pagerank check tools out there, you can check through the pagerank lookup tool at, one of my preferred is the PR check of

    The results have not been published yet, but definitively the pagerank is dancing and is under update.