PageRank? Ouch!

Google search engine | October 24th, 2007 | 6 Comments

Now this might hurt (or better, it did hurt quiet a lot to some). The so long awaited PageRank update and all the Page Rank discussion is showing his horns slowly.

If in the previous update everyone was happy because his or her website/blog PR has increased for this long awaited PageRank people have only sad faces. The first who was horned by PageRank was John Chow, who lost his page rank for one grade. The domain was downgraded from PR6 to PR5.

And the horning continues

Well if you expected that had a special horning treatment you were most probably wrong. Many other professional bloggers and webmasters got horned their PageRank grade. Lets take a look at some of the big guys that got horned.

All these blogs previously had a PR6 or Page Rank 7, today they seem to be horned and have a PageRank 4 (ouch). Most of the names sites claim that have never sold links on those sites and hence they see no reason to get this horning (penalization) on their Page Rank, than why? Some of them presume that it could be because they spoke something against Google and the pagerank penalization, but who knows actually if thats the reason? Would really Google get low like that and fight in this nasty way?

Or simply the way that they received backlinks lately is not legit for Google? I doubt they will ever find an answer to their question in regard of the Page Rank horning.

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6 Responses to “PageRank? Ouch!”
  1. Isn’t it funny that only a couple of websites got smaller PR’s and no one seemed to go up.

    Google definately has a separate agenda with this one…

  2. Nelson says:

    Well,Darren Rowse at was openly asking everyone to link to his blog during his contest he was running for his blog’s birthday. I kind of knew then, that if google was watching he would get horned. he did. jejeje.. I even posted a comment for the marketing chick that was handling the contest for him if that was legit, and she responded saying that was totally legit according to Google.. apparently Matt Cutts didnd’t agree with that..

  3. Apparently in the Google’s agenda for this turn of PageRank is to take heavy on those that try to trick their system Thomas.

    Nelson, thats what I wanted to hear. I did not wanted to write about it until someone came with that subject.

    The whole politics on Google in regard of the lately penalization does not stand behind link selling only, it also handles the link beggers and those that try to gain backlinks not in a legit way (and running a contest to gain backlinks it is NOT a legit way). What a legit way would be, linking to a page just because you think that the content is useful and might help your readers to expand their knowledge in regard of that subject, thats what is a legit way.

    During my recent post about widgetbucks and their nasty way of placing hiddin backlinks with their widgets I had a short email exchange with Aaron Wall (the author of SEO Book) on the hidden links of widgetbucks.

    I was actually trying to figure out if users that use WidgetBucks were going to end up being penalized since they have hidden links in their site, but Aaron’s answer was clean and simple, stating that if anyone was about to get a penalization from Google that would have been WidgetBucks since THEY are syndicating their system. (you get the picture of getting backlinks not in a legit way, don’t you). In fact, widgetbucks doesn’t even rank as first their own branding name.

    I like tho the way John Chow took the news about drop of his PageRank, his answer was simple (in a comment, not in a blog post) PR5 is always better than PR0. He knew what he has done, so he didn’t complained … why do others complain (i don’t know about copyblogger, but Darren has been tricking the system of Google by all those contests).

  4. Google is trying to flex it’s muscles in front of us to encourage us to give in to their demands. None of these sites should have been penalized to such a degree. I am sure we can all agree that there are MANY sites out there which would be appropriate candidates for such a downgrade in PR. Unfortunately, Google has chosen not to target them.

  5. No doubts on that. You have to hit the big guys to tell others that they are serious about their rules.

    Hitting those small sites it would not that effective since those sites most probably don’t have the same audience. I am not sure if they were not supposed to be penalized up to this degree (it could be right), but those sites have the audience, and whats the best way to tell everyone that Google is serious on placing penalization to those sites that try to trick their algorithm ?

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