PageRank season, penalty season

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Ok, this might be too early to post on this as I recently spoke about Google search engine penalizing link sellers but hey…its the season 😉

The new page rank update is near and the pagerank update is predicted for 28th of July 2007, now whats wrong with this? It happens every 3-4 months, indeed, there is nothing wrong, actually it is good…the market goes crazy and everyone with High PageRank site is selling links for high prices and the site owners with PR 0 are buying. If you just surf on webmaster forums you will realize what i am speaking about, new threads created on the link sales section every 30 seconds (or at least receives a response).

I spoke about what Google penalties on link sales are going to be on 18th of April, than i followed with “How to safely buy and sell links nowadays” and “The concept of buying and selling links“, but the fact is that this is stronger than anything for webmasters, it is like “candy for a baby” would a baby ever resist a candy? Neither webmasters can resist the to buy links for traffic purpose only, they want the whole pack, traffic and pagerank juice. Now that some of the big guys (such as John Chow) were penalized by Google search engine for selling links i wonder what results will many webmasters that have aggressively built backlinks from strong PR pages be. Will their websites have increase in Google PageRank or…

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