PageRank update on it’s way

Google search engine | April 18th, 2007 | Comments Off on PageRank update on it’s way

Hello Webmaster’s and SEO friends,
We are all back (me included) speaking about the Google PageRank update, we have talked about the next google pr update in the past on this forum, where everythin was On-Go, and all the calculations about the approximate time when the next Google pagerank update was going to happen.

The calculations (based on the calendar of the past PR updates) were speaking about the update to happen in the end of March or the beginning of April. Well, those calculations were close, really close…infact, today 18th April 2007 i notice a move on some of the site’s I run (personal sites, business sites and sites with friends)..the facts are speaking by it self, the PageRank update is on it’s way to happen. I cannot speak about results yet, since the PR is on its way to update but I am enthusiast to see the results of this update.

Good luck to everyone with April’s pagerank update.

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