PageRank Update – Q1 2008

Google search engine | January 12th, 2008 | 9 Comments

Well…it was coming, not anymore. It is here already. If you have installed the Google toolbar you will most likely notice that the green line of SEO Optimization is shorter..for one score. It is PR3 now, while previously it was PR4.

The loss of PR of the blog is nothing more but just a loss of 2 well established PR5 sites. Whats important is that I keep (or rather improve) rankings in the SERPs. The funny thing is that some of other blogger fellows have lost PR of their sites too, while some of the previously affected by PR penalization haven’t moved up or down at all.

Here is a list of some blogs and sites and how this PR update has been doing for them.

This is the current situation with the new Page Rank update, lost a score gained more SERPs so I won’t whine ;). What is your sites new PageRank ?

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9 Responses to “PageRank Update – Q1 2008”
  1. linda says:

    Hm…I dunno…is it possible that it’s still going on? Because my site is showing a zero for the moment, it was two, but the prediction was 4…

    I sure hope that it will rise later

  2. CatherineL says:

    This sucks – so we’re all getting hammered.

    I’m interested to see what John Chow gets. If his goes up, I’m going to start bribing people to link to me too.

  3. LoL Catherine,
    From what I see, those that were previously penalized on PageRank haven’t moved up or down but you can still bribe.

    To me it doesn’t bug that much, especially because I got no intentions to monetize this site by text links or similar thingies, what I do care more about is the SERPs (and the site is slowly ranking better and better).

  4. One shouldn’t worry too much about PR because it’s the traffic not the PR that matters. It’s never a good idea to depend only on search engines for traffic as SEs will change their algorithms from time to time to better their service; that’s their job.

  5. Thats very well said Famous Quotes, it is never smart to have all sources in one basket. But the whole nature of this blog is to prove that you can do seo too.

    Now even tho having all sources in one basket is not good, targeted traffic from search engines (mainly, but as well as from relevant sites) converts way much better, hence the search engine traffic does need your attention, especially if you are running a online business.

  6. Code4gold says:

    I didn’t see any changes on my main site even though I added hundreds of quality backlinks since the last update. I think google hates me 🙁 Last update they dropped me from PR4 to PR2 and now there was nothing.

  7. Were you involved in text link sellings (TLA or Review sites)? If yes this confirms my believe that the penalized sites remain penalized (by not shifting up) on this quarter.

  8. I am completely baffled by page rank. My index page with thousands of links pointing to it and a predicted pr5 stayed at 0. Yet some inner pages, with no links pointing to them got pr1. I dont get it.

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