PageRank Update September-October ?

Google search engine | September 28th, 2007 | 4 Comments

You have been waiting him for so long, you have discussed about it all the time, you have feared that they were going to remove it…okey ladies and gents, boys and girls, link sellers and PR addicted folks, it smells like the PR update is on its way…(well lets hope this time is not going to be a damn fake sign).

You might be asking, how in the heck would I know? Well, i might not know if it is going to update, but i do know a website that went from PR6 to PR5 … one famous site, a site which I did mentioned here on SEO Optimization blog awhile ago. A site that maybe you are reading on daily basis but you did not paid attention that his Page Rank dropped for one score.

PageRank was updated for John Chow, and unfortunately it updated in negative. John Chow lost 1 score of his Page Rank. Two days ago only was PR 6 and yesterday already it was PR 5, a pitty honestly. Seems like this was another slap on John Chow from part of Google (and I won’t even think about judging if it is right or not).

Now tell me you sweet little webmaster that you haven’t been willing nothing for the past few weeks, are you feared that Page Rank is going to update? Do you think the PR update will give a boost to your business or it will slam it down on the ground?

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4 Responses to “PageRank Update September-October ?”
  1. Hi Astrit – my blog has no page rank yet, so even a one would be a bonus! Personally, I think it serves Chow right. He cons people into giving him heaps of links, but he always uses no follow, so doesn’t do the same back in return. And now it has bitten him on the bum.

  2. Hi Catherine,
    Well neither my blog has PR (and doesn’t give me headache, but a little of that green bar which would suit with the rest of the layout would not be bad :P). What this change could be (my personal opinion) is that we are few steps closer to the Page Rank update.

    Anyway you always surprise me Catherine, your point of view it does make sense and it is exactly that what makes me doubt that we might not be close to a PR update and instead this could be just a Google slap to John Chow.

  3. Online Money says:

    I am looking forward for the PR update.

  4. It finally arrived!

    I’m happy with this update since my site stepped from pagerank 3 to pagerank 4!

    A strange update anyway… we’ve waited for 6 months and now a lot of sites have lost 1-2 or eve 3 pr points!