Ready For WordPress 2.5 ?

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Major changes on the new WordPress version 2.5 to be released soon. The release has been scheduled for 17th March (but it might be postponed and thats a good sign, means that developers are fixing bugs).

In the new version are expected some new features and quiet a new admin interface (yeah, referring to the new features). As for the moment on the WordPress official page there are not enough informations given as what will be included in the new version, but from a search on the web I could pull the next informations and combine a list of the new features we/you could expect with the new version of WordPress.

Codex WordPress Reports

The bellow listed changes are taken directly from WordPress Codex release article. The article (as stated) is about to be updated with more informations soon, but the so far given informations are the next.

Changes in Minimum Requirements

  • PHP version 4.3, or later.

New User Features

  • Admin redesign
  • Widget-based dashboard
  • You should be able to have any number of any widget
  • Undo for comment editing
  • Search for both posts and pages


  • Use $wpdb->prepare everywhere
  • Switch to expect unescaped data for internal functions
  • XML-RPC refactor

Lorelle the WordPress Queen has published a great and useful post on the new changes you can expect (from designer, plugin developer and usage point of view) with WordPress2.5 at blogherald which could turn useful for plugin developers and/or WordPress theme designers.

One of the main concerns of the new version 2.5 seems to be the usage of the admin interface. I had the chance to install the demo and I have to admit many functions have been massively improved, but it will really need some time to get used to it.

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One Response to “Ready For WordPress 2.5 ?”
  1. Cath Lawson says:

    Hi Astrit – It sounds like it’s going to be good – especially the Undo for comment editing feature. Hopefully it will be out soon.