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It has been awhile now that i have been thinking that the blog does need to be refreshed with a new look but I kinda never managed to get working on it, until now. John chow got his new designe like a week later than when i started thinking about new design for SEO Optimization, seems like this is my problem, it takes a bit from the moment i think about something to the moment i start working on it and than I go all in rush because someone has already came up with a new design or similar idea to what i had.

I am not a professional web designer but since this is a search engine optimization (SEO) study blog I decided to get working on it by my self. The new theme will be a combination of colors of the current theme and a style look something like John Chows, but this won’t be definitively a copy-cat. Once the new design will be in place i will be more than happy to give explanation for each part of the site if there is anyone thinking this is a copy-cat design.

But when one starts a redesign what should he be thinking about? Well i don’t know about you, but since this is a SEO Optimization study blog where i share my ideas and write free seo tutorials for the readers of my blog my main concern on the design would be my readers (the visitors of this blog).

Who could help me better to understand what would my users like and what would best work for my users if not Google Analytics? Consulting my Google Analytics account i found out that in the month of August 63.77% of my readers use FireFox browser, 32.08% use Internet Explorer and the rest use Opera, Safari and Mozilla so i decided to optimize the new design and best look for FireFox and Internet Explorer but this does not mean that i did nothing for other browsers.

Than i had to decided how wide (width) the new design should have, consulting again my Google Analytics account i found that 45.41% of my readers have a 1024×768 screen resolution, while readers with 1280×1024 screen resolution were only 18.36% so i figured i can make a design wide between 1024 and 1280..but then i saw that 2.37% of my readers use a 800×600 resolution screen. Peace in mind, i could really not afford to complicate stuff enough to give a best view to 800×600 screen resolution readers, apparently those users will get a horizontal scroll. But thanks to Google’s free service Google Analytics i managed to work out a nice design that i believe will look great for the readers of SEO Optimization.

What do you think about when you make a new design? The appearance only, the performance or you do think also about the visitors of your website (you should, mostly).

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