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SEO Tutorials | January 9th, 2008 | 2 Comments

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It has been awhile since Google took actions against those that were tricking their algorithm by selling textual link ads without nofollow on the links and than later it declared war as well as to the link buyers. The first targeted were the web directories and the directories were penalized first.

It did not took long for those that run their main online income business through textual advertising to figure out new ways how to remain under the radar. It was obvious that Google was hitting their pocket and link sellers had to find a way to monetize their website, surrender or remain under the radar and continue their business. The second (and easily to find) were the text link sellers through Text Link Ads which were quick enough to protect their link sellers and buyers by updating their WordPress plugin and making harder for Google to locate the link sellers from their marketplace.

How do Link seller remain under the radar

The practice that link sellers and buyers use to remain under the Google radar is by IGNORING totally Google by not using any of the free products and services that Google provides us with today, including from the Google toolbar, Google Analytics, Google Email (Gmail) and even Google Webmaster Center. In simple words, anything that is really related to Google and that could make easier for Google to track and locate what in the heck you are doing.

The other practice is not to participate in any link selling and buying forums that are open to public and one can have access to without even the need to register. But lets mainly see WHY link sellers prefer to avoid anything that is related to Google.

Google Toolbar

By using the Google Toolbar (and especially if you have Agreed when you installed the plugin) you share your browsing history with Google. This means that Google will know every kind of site you will be visiting during the day, is it Text Link Ads or anything else that you want Google not to know about you and what you are doing, they will know. The data is gathered to “help Google” improve the user experience for their search engine (ehm, for their advertising and user behavior?).

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool to measure your website traffic in very elegant graphs and detailed informations, such as page views, where the traffic is coming from (referrals), for what keywords people find you via search engines and from which search engines most of your traffic comes from. This might look as innocent and useful tool, but remember no one ever will give you something totally free, there is always a backend benefit from it. By knowing your traffic and your referrals Google can easily determine and track if you are involved actively in buying and/or selling links.

Google Gmail

Gmail is a free web based email same as Yahoo Mail or Hotmail/MSN/Live emails just that it has way much more diskspace and a great antispam and antivirus included with the email. Great, free and beautiful, whats harmful right? Well nothing, unless you are involved in link selling and buying. Those involved in contextual linking marketing and have their business and online income based on that do strictly avoid Gmail because of the next. Ben of BloggingExperiment on his Gevil Blog has reported how Google spiderbot crawl his email content to display relevant ads (damn I don’t have the icon with wide open shocked eyes).

Google Webmaster Central

This is maybe the core of all informations that Google can gather about your website, the Google webmaster central has your sitemap, it shows you (and to Google) ALL links that you gain and lose as well as all websites you own (if you add them all). It will as well have a good track of all your keyword ranking in Google and can also gather informations about many, many other user behaviors which can indeed help them improve their search engine but can as well help them gather more informations like what in the heck you are doing.

In simple words, everything that has to do with your link selling or building business and also is related to the free G services should be avoid the “Stay under the radar ninjas” say.

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2 Responses to “Remain Under The Radar”
  1. CatherineL says:

    I see Astrit – so it sounds like Google are offering all these free services so they can spy on people. The big G are starting to sound way to much like Big Brother for me.

  2. Well the correctly used term would be to “Gather informations and improve their services” but the sense sounds to be what you mean (even tho never has been provide they actually SPY rather than gather informations for inside-business purpose only).

    This is what the link sellers advice, and it does make sense.