Replying to posts helps driving traffic to your site

Internet Marketing Tips | May 13th, 2007 | 1 Comment

It is a fact that replying to posts helps you to drive some healthy traffic to your site. Yes, it can be in small amount but it helps and it does not cost you a damn thing to reply a post of a blog or forum that you like.

Of course replies like “Thank you great tip” or “Oh thats so true, i agree with you” don’t tempt a visitor to click on your link. You better save your time for such comment, no one is going to click your link. A comment or forum reply should be something interesting, something that has to do with the current post and can give more informations to the other readers, a sentence that makes sense and will give you credibility in visitors / readers eyes that you know what you are talking about, and that maybe they will be able to find more informations regarding that actual topic in your site. Comment only on topics, posts, threads when you know what you are talking about.

You can link your web site or a inner page of your web site in a comment to connect that subject of the post better by giving more informations with the given link (your inner web page in this case) or simply by using your Name on the post as anchor text for your website URL.

We are speaking about traffic here, so forget the page ranking relevance of your site by linking to a post, well at least you will not earn any PR benefit commenting on WordPress blogs (which i know for sure), instead you will benefit with a click of a visitor that will visit your web site and become a regular reader of your web site, blog or even forum member (depends on the site you have) or even better, that visitor might convert in client if you offer services or sell products on your site.

Build credibility with the readers, make some sort of feeling connection between you the commenter and the reader by replying with a clean sentence that will explain even better to the readers the subject of the post and convert those same visitors to regulars of your web site by investing just a minute of your time to write a post.

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One Response to “Replying to posts helps driving traffic to your site”
  1. Alex R. says:

    You show me love, I show you love concept. I wrote about the same topic. Whenever replying to someone’s post you have to be meaningful. Give advice on the post, and what should be improved.