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Scheduling your work and your free time, or said in one word your life, can be really saving lots of times and give you space to find your self prepared even on unpredictable moments that might have impact on your social life or business (is it online or normal business). And said from someone that lives to live the day by minutes, this must be true.

When I first started this SEO blog and then my coding servicesx business I did not had planed at all my day. Actually the whole day activity was based on my GF’s working hours, the rest of the time, which means the time that my GF was at work I would schedule (if I can call it that way) the time based on the activities and work involved from If there was no work for the day then I could read other blogs, blog on my blog etc.

From a schedule like that who would benefit was only the customers of and no one else since they would be getting the work delivered on time (and often before the deadline). If one was satisfied someone else was not, and thats my GF and

My schedule mockup

It is not exactly how my schedule looks actually, but the concept is pretty much the one. Again I base my schedule on whats more important for me, then whats more important for business and customers and then my “free time” satisfactions.

With this said, if my GF has free afternoon than the afternoon space is being filled by making her company, the morning for monitoring stats, reading blogs, or even blogging, and the evening for working on If she has a free evening, than the morning gets the coding process, the afternoon gets the monitoring stats, reading other blogs and or even blogging.

Beating the unpredictable things and keeping everything in order

Watching the schedule as a scheme gives me a clear view as of what could be the flexible area where I can gain some free time or be ready for unpredictable things (which usually happens when a friend passes by without calling first, a urgent coding project is on its way or simply the project is more complicated then what I thought).

That flexible area I find always (and unfortunately) in my passion, some how my nature of being tells me to kill some of the satisfactions to keep others satisfied (yeah sue me for being that dumb), and thats blogging here on

If you have read this blog for awhile you probably remember that I blogged about wordpresss and timestamp, a built in feature in wordpress which can postpone your articles and schedule them to get published on a later date or hour. The timestamp in combination with mind mapping (original article from problogger) creates that flexibility that you actually need for the unpredictable moments and yet keep your blog active and serve your readers with fresh new content and as well feed the search engine spider bots.

The mind mapping works great with series of articles, or simply with articles that are closely related to each other. Once you manage to get the “core” article published, you can then line up as many posts you want and postpone their publishing date with the wordpress timestamp feature, like this you will gain free days and have the needed time to cover the unpredictable issues or simply to prepare your self for another series of posts.

Now that I got a schedule for my next 4-5 days I know where I can be more flexible, what can I do extra for own stuff and no one will be complaining.

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