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Search Engines | July 31st, 2007 | Comments Off on Search Engine News

With all the latest pieces of technology these days, its no wonder that search engines are taking their slice of the pie. Indeed, search engines like Google and Yahoo! are now becoming more creative and interesting with new technology that they’ve decided to put to use after several years. But just when the general public becomes comfortable with one of Google’s tools or a feature of Yahoo! that they like, the search engines change on us. Certainly, though, some things for search engines have improved over the past several months, such as the advent of Google Live Maps that brings the streets of certain cities straight to your computer to view in real, live time. This technology, however, is only available for viewing certain cities for now, but could have major implications for law enforcement and safety if it is continued to be refined and improved.

But there are also some other things that are going on inside some of the major search engines that are ready to improve the way that the general consumer population performs search queries. For example, Yahoo has just announced a major tool that they will get underway for searchers of all types. Their new piece of technology that they have acquired from AltaVista called Prisma is being used to create the Yahoo search bar feature called Search Assist. Even though Yahoo search engine already has been rivaling Google search engine with it’s pre-search term help, Search Assist will provide users with the chance to look through suggested search topics and phrases that are provided by the Yahoo search engine.

Even though Yahoo search engine has already added their Search Suggest feature that includes refined search terms and suggestions for searches that include the word the user searched for, Search Assist will be totally different. For example, a search for origami might turn up a phrase like “paper folding” or something else that’s related to origami, yet does not include the same keyword. We’ll see, however, if Search Assist ends up being a popular search help or if it simply gets in the way of the average user.

Another announcement about search engines comes from the online dictionary-encyclopedia website, Wikipedia. The owner, Jimmy Wales, has announced that Wikipedia will bring out a search bar for the internet that is aimed to rival some of the major search engines on the World Wide Web, including Google search engine and MSN search engine. The open search engine will move more people towards searching with Wikia. Since this is going to be the first time that Wikia has tried a search feature for internet users, it will be using human editors so that search terms will be understandable and readable. On Wikipedia’s website there is a page that is strictly devoted to this idea of the Wikia search features. The four ideas that this search function will be based on are transparency, community, quality, and privacy.

It seems as though things are really starting to heat up with Yahoo search engine providing more search help for users and Wikia announcing that they will include an internet open-source search bar for internet users. With all of these events happening it seems that other major search engines, like Google search engine and MSN search engine, will have to step up other users’ expectations. But for now we’ll just wait and see how popular these two search engine ideas will really be!

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