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From the author of the SEO bible, SEO Book, Aaron Wall, a complete online seo training course.

Its worthless to say that search engine optimization is all around keywords, we all know that, keywords which lined one after another form a phrase that does make sense. That same phrase composed from keywords that we target could be a big hit for our site or a big waste of time and money, its the phrase that tacks the visitors brain cell which determines if he/she should click on that listing or no.

Yeah I confused you I know, I am referring about the title tag of your site and how is your title optimized for humans and for search engines. Why am I referring to human eye and not to search engine it is simple, its human eyes that we target and not search engine rankings. Of course it is important that we rank high in the search engines don’t mis understand me but ranking high is worthless if you haven’t tackled the humans curiosity with your title tag.

As far as it regards Google ranking more value get backlinks from relevant sites to your site. Of course the value comes to title tag and the keywords used in the body of your site. While for MSN it is more valued the age of the site and the age of the backlinks, and same applies to Yahoo search engine as well. But if SEO was just ranking high in the SERPs it would not be fun at all (read, healthy business), what I do see behind the scenes in search engine optimization is psychology.

SEO Psychology

Some call it search engine marketing, some other internet marketing how I want to refer to this is seo psychology since it is a combination of search engine optimization techniques and human psychology how they act on visible things and how you can catch peoples attention.

Applied seo techniques as you take it from someone (read about the technique maybe) in your site for me are really worthless if you really don’t understand the search engines in first place and then how would people react on the SERPs of the search engines when you are already ranking.

Start Ranking

The first step of the process would be to start ranking and achieve high rankings in the SERPs. The SEO techniques are pretty much the same with just slight differences. Inbound links from relevant sites are still of high value as far as it regards determination of your position in the SERPs in Google search engine as far as it regards off-site optimization. While for on-site optimization the rules haven’t changed at all, search engines still do give weight to the title tag of your site, heading tags, keyword prominence in title, keyword weight in body, emphasizing keywords within your body (is losing value as far as it regards rankings but still a great technique to apply when you want to raise your voice on an article) and proper internal inking structure to interlink pages that share relevant content. All seo techniques that search engines take in account when they determine the websites ranking in the search engine page results.

Get the attention

SEO Psychology

If the first impression is what counts then you have to take it on the fly right from there. So far you have done what you think is the hardest part and have put lots of SEO effort to achieve great search engine rankings, but you are not even half the way of making the money online of your business online. In the SERPs you are not the only result, you don’t have the monopoly, you have to rank with 10 other websites which are listed in the search engune results page. Your goal now is to distinguish from the other 9 sites, you have to give a reason to the surfer to click your site among the 10 listed, how can you do that?

To grab the attention of the visitors from the SERPs you have only two tools

These two (lets call them tools) options are those over which we have complete control and which can play a crucial role on the click through rate from the SERPs of the search engines. Aside that knowing how to rank in the SERPs of the search engines you need the knowledge of what visitors are actually looking for, using the title tag to grab the visitors attention is already a success while the meta description can play that role of call to action (sort of, this is what you will learn from here and more if you come in). Each of the call-to-action techniques differ as the niches differs, but whats important is to know your niche, know what your visitors like and understand how your title tag and meta description will psychologically influence the visitor.

If you have already grabbed the attention of the visitor and have dragged him into your website the rules of the game will change, the game is so sensitive in your site, it could be very easy to convert a visitor into customer or make the visitor not come back again.

I believe I have drawn a good picture with this article as how you should understand search engine optimization and that the game is not all at the rankings, even tho rankings play a major role since they expose your site to the public, but the real goal is to understand your visitors behavior, get their attention and drive them to your site from the SERPs.

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3 Responses to “SEO Behind The Scenes”
  1. amelia says:

    theres lots of seo you can see around, it may be on the net or just by papers, seo behind the scenes is also 1 thing or another 🙂

  2. Well, one or another thing is a bit too expanded as explanation 😉 from a title like this they might understand as one thing the blackhat or another thing the long route. What I was pointing out is to think what your visitors like and to be able to grab their attention in the SERPs.

    But yeah, behind the scenes..its mystic 😉

  3. job listing says:

    your article proves that readers matter most not the rankings nor the PR. it’s where money comes from