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Many of SEO companies use directory submissions for SEO Optimization of their customers website. In fact it is a good way to get one way permanent links. And if you intend to hire someone for directory submission of your site you have to pay attention not to end up into scammers or so called seo wannabes.

But why hire a seo company for directory submissions when you can do it by yourself, it just takes couple hours the first day to find quality directories where you can submit your site to and the next days is just few minutes of work by submitting your site on one or two directories at a day.

With the huge amount of Web Directories these days it is hard to find good and quality directories to submit your site at and most of the quality directories will charge for submission, which is good actually to pay a small fee for a permanent one way backlink.

There are few ways how you can determine if a directory is worth submitting your site at or not and i will line up just few of them.

Directory where you should consider to submit your site at should meet these requirements

If the directories are a good source for one way permanent backlinks they are not good for traffic, but that is not the case of the V7N Directory. A directory runned by ex DMOZ directory editor.

The V7N Directory is PR6 quality human edited directory with a numerous staff in the back end that makes it the directory to be listed in the top10 directories on the net. The V7N Directory does not have free listing or reciprocal link listing as other directories have, it is simple paid directory listing, but it is worth the $49.95 one time fee for a permanent listing if you are serious about SEO Optimization and to exposure your website on internet.

Know something more about directories? Something that i might have accidentally (or intentionally) missed to mention? Feel free to comment.

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