SEO Relaxing Hours

SEO Tutorials | December 15th, 2007 | 2 Comments

As Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can become stressful it is good that from time to time you take a break of SEO, but make sure the break is not one month long ;). It happens when you optimize your website, that you are just out of ideas or have your ideas confused, rather than making a mistake or not take a break and relax, start tomorrow from the same point you stopped, fresh brain works way much better.

One thing is also important when doing seo, geo targeting, which country market are you targeting and how to optimize for that specific country, but in order to do that you just don’t have to be like this blond girl over here…

Update: Damn youtube has removed that vide, but here is a new one with subtitles

Hope I (or rather SHE) managed to steal a smile upon your face. In name of that intelligent blondy subscribe to my RSS feed if you want to read something that really does make sense.

By the way, what do you do to relax yourself after over working your brain ?

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2 Responses to “SEO Relaxing Hours”
  1. I’m from Hungary and I was a little bit angry when this blonde girl didn’t even know that EUROPE is not a country but a continent…

  2. Hahah no heart feelings Cash Dominator, just love her for being what she is, a funny (unfortunately dumb) beautiful blondie 😉