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Surfing on internet to see what kind of seo softwares are out there so I could check them up and see if there is anything I might like i ended up on WebLink SEO, a search engine optimization software with just some more useful features.

Even tho I am big a fan of do it yourself I believe there are many other search engine optimization guys that do prefer to get the process to seo their site(s) little faster. Doing your seo by yourself is time consuming, but it gives you the advantage to learn seo from your own mistakes and to faster locate and eliminate that mistake you have done and is hurting your sites performance on the search engine rankings. With seo softwares like WebLink SEO you can fasten the process of search engine optimizing your website and save some time for having a nice cup of coffee maybe.

About WebLink SEO

Their domain is pretty young and was registered on 16th July 2005, i tend to trust more to sites that have been around this business for a longer period and have survived among the competitors, but thought to not give up just on that but to proceed on some more research of credibility. Since this is a seo software I presume they should rank well for “seo software” on major search engines, so it is fair to give them a check and see how they rank for that keyword (listed as Name – Position – Competition)

  • Google – #12 – 63,100,000 sites
  • Yahoo – #18 – 51,400,000 sites
  • MSN – Nowhere on first 50 results – 11,000,000 sites

They rank pretty okey on Google and Yahoo search engine for the keywords seo software, while on MSN they are nowhere in the first 50 results (first 5 pages of the SERPs). Oh well, no one is perfect, neither MSN 😉

For a site that ranks pretty well for a competitive keyword like “seo software” it did gave me enough credibility to try the free version of their software (yeah, i need credibility to try even free stuff).

WebLink SEO Features

In the homepage of WebLink SEO the first thing I notice were the features listed up on the right sidebar, here is a list of features and the exact way they have been listed.

    Promote your site

  • Automated Web Directory Submission
  • Find Websites With Link Submission Forms
  • Find Hub Sites For Chosen Keywords
  • Find Who Links To Your Competitors
  • Create Email Campaigns

    Analyze your site

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Check Outgoing Links For Banned Websites
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Track Search Engine Positions & Backlinks

    Maintain your site

  • Import Link Pages
  • Create Unlimited Site Profiles
  • Check Your Link Partners
  • Submit-Your-Site Facility
  • Automatic Link Directory Creation
  • Automatic FTP Uploading of Your Link Directory

From the features preview seems like this software has all what we would want a software to has, but if i’d do my SEO by order as the features are listed I would be ending up wasting lots of my time. First I would need the site analyze than the promotion and in the end maintaining my site, but thats not a biggie. The software has 5 stars rating on several sites, which built more credibility to me to download the software and install it on my computer. To smoothly run the software on your computer needs a CPU of 750Mhz+ and at least a memory of 256Mb, the whole software is only 15 megs big.

You can buy this seo software for only $89.95.

WebLink SEO Affiliate

The WebLink SEO Affiliate program is a 2 tier affiliate. This means that you can make money online in two ways.

  • Tier 1 – Earn per sale
    The first method how you can earn money with WebLink SEO Affiliate is per sale. Each user that you refer to WebLink SEO that purchases the software you earn $30. Considering how much this SEO software costs I can presume it won’t be hard to have conversions and it pays you 33.33% of the softwares cost per sale.
  • Tier 2 – Affiliates under you
    The tier 2 or as they call it Broker account gives you the possibility to earn money even if you were not able to make conversations through your affiliate but instead you were successful (or lucky) to get someone signup for the affiliate program under your account. You earn 10% of the payout that the affiliate under your account earns, and the sweet part is that the affiliate under your account is not losing anything, WebLink SEO’s Affiliate program pays that 10% of commission.

You have also the freedom to decide when and how you should be paid, via PayPal or check, sweet and clean. The registration to their affiliate program takes only few seconds and you will be ready to place banners in your site and start making money online with every sale WebLink SEO makes through your affiliate link. If you want to sign up for WebLink SEO’s affiliate program under me, please do so, it will help keep this blog alive.

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