Spamming the web?

Open topic | September 14th, 2007 | 4 Comments

The web now a days has more junk and spammy web sites than ever. If once when we needed to find something on the net all what we had to do is type our keywords in the search bar, click the search button and than find the results in the first page, today we have instead of terminating our research in the first page of the SERPs we need to continue our research in the secondary pages of the SERPs.

What makes our search experience harder?
Thats the first question that came in my mind when I first saw WikiPedia as #1 for keywords “web hosting service” (mentioned on Wiki Jacking). Even tho I don’t agree that an online encyclopedia website ranks #1 for a keyword that includes services in term it didn’t really touched me that much.

Today while i was surfing on Aaron Wall’s Blog i saw a interesting title Ride New Verticals or Go Against the Trends of the Web. While reading the article I found out that two “entrepreneurs” had a wild idea on how to make money online.

The two “entrepreneurs” idea is to build 5000 (yup thats right, 5000) web sites and blogs that will generate $1 a day (total of $5k a day). Even tho the idea to make money is exciting and somehow hard to accomplish (note, they have hired 300 person to design, build and write on their blog) it can be made, but regardless the money making I am more concerned about spamming the internet. Because “entrepreneurs” like them are those that caused this, this and this.

These are the “entrepreneurs” that make our search experience not to terminate in the first page of the SERPs but make us look further to digg more into the SERPs to find what we are looking for.

Apologies to my readers that I haven’t linked back to these brilliant “entrepreneurs” but i don’t feel generous with spammers at all. And the only message SEO Optimization can send is STOP SPAMMING.

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4 Responses to “Spamming the web?”
  1. Hi – Thanks for the informative post and I totally agree. People who build sites in those quantities are adding spam – not value to the internet.

  2. Hi Cath, nice to see you here.

    Their main goal is to make money, it is not like they do care about the value of the internet, but what they achieve in the end i have mentioned in the post.

  3. MDB says:

    Guys like that should be put away. Hate nothing more than turning up to a site and finding just advertisments and nothing whatsoever of value.

    And I guess that they do actually make money from it as well

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