Sunday Video That Will Relax You (Not)

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Lovely Sunday, the perfect day (who on earth invented this day?) to relax and do nothing, enjoy your self, family or perhaps just simply enjoy an interesting video like the one bellow you’ll see. All it takes you is, 30mins of time to watch the video and I believe you will feel like never before (although, many of you, might have just already seen this video, but honestly I haven’t seen it blasted on major seo community sites enough, so here we go). Got your beer, pop corn and chill out background music? Perfect, then enjoy it.

I know i know, after watching such an entertaining video you just don’t want it to end, right? You want it to keep going and going and going until it gets all the truth naked, well not yet, perhaps in a year or two. But I can re-compensate that thrill (actually Jason and Tim Carter can) with this interesting interview done with the founder of (i bet you’ve seen that site pimped on AdSense best practices, haven’t you?). Here is a direct link to the mp3 file and to the page that has hosted the interview along with loads of other interesting .. emm, info?

Happy weekend to y’all!

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