The importance of Anchor text linking at SEO

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When you link to someone else’s web site or blog or forum how do you do it? The name of your site? The full URL? Or the URL of the page? The best way to link to your site or to an internal page of your site is to use a descriptive phrase, and this is called “Anchor Text”. Anchor text is very important in the Google’s ranking algorithm, because it helps Google to know what kind of information you are linking it, instead of just linking with click here. Lets take example our previous post about the importance of Header tags at SEO, we would rather link to that post as: The SEO importance of H1 (Header) tags instead of just linking like: “To know more about the SEO importance of h1 header tags click here. The first example it is much more descriptive and helpful to Google to give informations to the visitors that use the Search Engine.

Always try to use anchor text that tells the bots what you’re linking to, it doesn’t always have to be blog or post name but at least descriptive words unlike click here.

This is important enough that Google has just added the function to their webmaster tools to be able to see the anchor text others are using to link back to you.

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