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The new design of SEO Optimization blog is now live. I am proud of the look and the feel of this layout design, it took me awhile to work it out and optimize the theme and have the best look on both FireFox and Internet Explorer browsers.

The reading is far more pleasant with the new theme, more relaxed and more extended, these are the pluses for the readers, but i had to come up with a plus for myself too ;). To keep alive this blog I need to also make money online from it, so i created the space where you see the 4 banners. Those are the same banners of the sites that you can find in the SEO Resource page, i did not want to advertise in the blog there for i used affiliates to make a healthy income to keep the SEO Optimization blog alive.

Few errors i have notice in the new design is the slow load of CSS, for some weird reason the CSS will not load completely and there for from time to time when I test surfed the blog i did notice the post date bar floating and messing around with the content, but hitting the refresh button once again to reload the CSS rules everything comes back to its place.

Apart the new design of this theme I also tried to implement some search engine optimization (SEO) factors within the design. The title structure has been changed once again to compete for given keywords (last night i had a drastic drop in SERPs for the targeted keyword, but i already know what the reason is, so it won’t be hard to fix it and get back in the old position in the SERPs of Google).

I would need your help with this new theme, i am asking you to report any unusual single thing you will notice within the theme, and it would be also helpful if you can tell me also the screen resolution and web browser you use when you see the error. I will appriciate it.

Reminder: If you are familiar with seo optimization let me know about the 10th SEO tip for WordPress and you might be lucky enough to get your tip published within the post and earn a permanent backlink.

Update: The error in FireFox has been resolved thanks to Jonathan Drain of D20 Source. Many Thanks Jonathan.

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6 Responses to “The New Design”
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  4. Did you design the site yourself? It looks great.

  5. NICE DESIGN. I really like the advertisement block of 6 ads on the right. I noticed that a lot of successful blogs have that block of six 125 x 125 ads…I would like one as well… Anyways, looks like you’re going to be generating some serious MONEY IN DA BANK w/ this site. Keep up the good work.

  6. Hi Brandon and Andrew,
    To first answer to Brandon, yes the design was made by me. Thanks 😉

    Andrew, if only placing some banners will generate good revenue than I will create lots of these type of sites, unfortunately it takes way much more 😉 Thanks for the kind words