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If you have not notice yet, there is a new button in the top (main) menu of the SEO Optimization blog, the button is named Resources. Just the name resources might confuse you and think about a page full of links, thing that the Resources page is not. I had to cut-off the name of the page from SEO Resource to only Resource so it can fit within the button. Anyway i am working on a new layout for the SEO Optimization blog which will be soon released 😉

I do believe that it would be of interest of my readers to know some SEO Resources that the newbies can use but that also more advanced SEO practicer’s use. The list of SEO resource
page is still small and it lists one eBook (paid), one SEO analytics software (free and paid version), corners and places where you can find quality websites from where you can acquire backlinks from and other methods how to gain quality backlinks.

I will ensure that as time passes i will expand the list and add more resources that can help you learn more about search engine optimization. The above listings on the SEO Resources page are all products that I have already tested and have had experience with.

Feel free to ask any question here.

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