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One of the most important parts of the on page optimization is the title of our site/page and its optimization. Google search engine gives a lot of weight to the title of our website, hence it requires attention optimizing your title.

As first step you need to find your keyword that you are willing to target and to rank on the SERPs. Once we have found 2 to 3 keywords/phrases we can start with the title optimization of our website by placing the keywords in your title tag.

From a small keyword research i picked up 3 keyphrases to target and use in our title to target

  • Make Money Online (44151)
  • Make Money From Home (18878)
  • Make Money Fast (11525)

As you have notice these are all high query performing keywphrases, I would advice you to start with a lower query performing keywords due to the high competition. Competing for the keyphrase make money online would mean to compete with 182,000,000 other websites. I don’t know about you but thats hell a lot of websites to compete with. Any way i will use these keywords as example just to give you the idea presuming you have a make money online web site or blog and want to optimize your title and have better search engine rankings.

A horrible title for make money online blog would be like this
Welcome to my blog
A less horrible title for a make money online blog even tho containing your keywords would look like this
Make Money Online and Make Money from Home and Make Money Fast
While a perfectly optimized title for your make money online blog should look like this
Make Money Online | Make Fast Money from Home

As you can notice i have removed the search engine boolean operators (and, or so called stop-words) from the title and replaced them with the | character. What are the benefits we get from removing the boolean operators from the title and replacing them with the | character ?

  • We cut of the length of the title
  • The weight of the keywords raises in the title
  • The title makes more sense
  • We made a combination of the keywords Make Money From Home and Make Money Fast

And since i am mainly writing this article for my blogger fellows I would suggest you to use the seo title hack for wordpress or download All In One SEO Pack, as the hack also the plugin can help you in your title optimization.

Keyword Prominence

The keyword prominence is another important aspect of title optimization. For better title optimization the prominence of the keywords in your title tag should be at 100%. The keyword prominence formula is based on three factors, when we refer to title optimization

  • Keyword positions in the title area
  • Number of words in the keyword
  • Total number of words in the area.

Based on the three factors to have a better title optimization for the search engines we need a). to have our keywords at the very beginning of our title and b). if possible to have ONLY the keywords in our optimized title (which would bring 100% keyword density to our title optimization technique).

I hope you did enjoyed reading the title optimization tutorial on SEO Optimization and you are able to optimize your title to obtain higher search engine rankings.

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15 Responses to “Title Optimization”
  1. PHP eBook says:


    I read your older article titled “No Keword Found ?” – but I’m not sure where you’re getting query counts from? I am playing with the Google AdWords tool, and all I’m getting is a bunch of little graphs with no numerical data.

  2. The Google AdWords tool will not show you the query count, instead it will show how competitive is the keyword.

    I have mentioned on that same article two other tools (both which are not that accurate in the query count, but can help you to have an idea).

    The one i started using is the GoodKeywords tool (a desktop software which is based on the OverTure tool) and it did helped me a lot in the beginning and still does help me,

  3. this is something I have been working on implementing on a new website of mine. To be honest it is not just better for search engines, it is cleaner and looks better to visitors.

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  9. Changing your titles is very important for SEO. Make your titles as relevant to the reader and the search engines as possible.

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  11. Wendy says:

    Great job!!! Good and comprehensive explanation!

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  13. Hi Dera,
    I would like to know that if i optimized my site in google how many days it will take to come in google otimization according to the given keywords
    Please mail all the details.

    Thanks and Regards


  14. Web Design says:

    I have one question about the Title optimization. Many site are Using the ‘-‘ and ‘|’ Symbol. Which one is the best for ranking in both?

  15. seo says:

    thx man very nice tips