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Since SEO and make money online schemes are closely connected I had no clue under which category to mark this post. But if I had doubts under which category to mark this post you should have no doubts on signing up with, the newest contextual advertising company that promises not to delude webmasters that want to make money online and those that want to improve their search engine rankings.

TNX dot net is a contextual advertising company similar similar to Text Link Ads but with much more features and ways to make money online or increase your search engine rankings. at this moment as I am writing this article has listed 28 054 users with a daily growth of 0.61% which means a huge database from where you can buy links for seo purpose or sell links if you are into the make money online scheme.

Improve your SERPs with TNX dot net

One of the most important and efficient techniques of search engine optimization (SEO) is to gain as much as possible backlinks to your web site or blog with the desired (or rather, with the keywords you want to rank for) keywords as anchor text.

With and their 28k user database to buy links becomes easier than ever. What makes it easy and sweet is their system inside when you try to create an ad campaign. Once you login on the left side of your screen you will notice a set of menu buttons. Following the Create new Campaign button it will send you to a screen of options that need to be selected, you can name your campaign, chose the category of sites you would like to acquire links, select the number of backlinks according to Yahoo! search engine and backlinks based on Google search engine PageRank. Lower on that screen is a small control field with which you can set the amount of points you want to spend (thats right, the whole system works on points not on cold cash). On this screen shot it shows that with 20000 points (equal to $24) monthly I can buy 3 backlinks from PR4 sites that have 5000+ backlinks according to Yahoo search engine. So with only $24 month I get 3 PR4 backlinks pointing to my site in a competitive category, backlinks which will definitively help me (if not much) scale up the SERPs of the search engines. A pitty tho that in their system we can’t see the traffic those sites get.

TNX create campaign

On the next step things get even more easier, you can use more than just one anchor text/link for your campaign, write it down in a text file (like in notepad) on a new line for each link and upload it to TNX. Work is done and just wait for your campaigns to activate and links to be placed on the sites, wait for a week or two and see how your site performs on the SERPs.

Make Money with TNX

If buying links was that easy with TNX selling links and making money online from your website or blog should be as easy too but since I am not willing to make money online with SEO Optimization I can’t really give you an accurate process to list your web site in their database.

If with Text Link Ads you had difficulties to get approved because your Page Rank was too low than with TNX you will not have similar problems, actually they do encourage advertisers to buy links from PR0 sites since they are fresh and don’t have much outgoing links (well, it could be a good trick since the PageRank hasn’t been exported that doesn’t mean that for Google the site doesn’t have any PR). The few requirements you have to meet to get listed and approved

  • Site must be indexed in Google search engine
  • Site must not be using free web-hosting services that do not support PHP, Perl or asp, aspx

If you meet these requirements than most probably you will be accepted and you can start your bill pay website venture.

But how do you make money? Ok now this is a nice question since the system is based on points and not directly on money. You get a heap of bonuses once you sign up with TNX you get 7000 points as bonus and here is how. Once your website gets approved you get automatically 2000 points as bonus, than you can go to TNX thread on DigitalPoint and claim your nickname and TNX ID to gain extra 5000 points bonus.

But this is not all, with the affiliate program that TNX has you gain 13,3% of all points that the referred users makes with TNX.

Ok, all this points story pretty much confuses me too, but they have explained the TNX-points on the faqs page. Practically if we would want to count points as dollars we would count them as 1000 points equal to $0.63 and the minimum payout is $5 by PayPal (roughly 7000 points).

My opinion

From how it appears it performs great to buy links and it is cost effective indeed, I don’t know how easy or hard would be for Google to track those links and avoid a penalization (because we whats Google’s opinion on link sales and acquisitions). As far as it regards the make money online dudes I’d have to say that TNX has to lose these points, we are not grannies that go to supermarket daily and collect points, the make money online guys want cold cash not point bucks and if you can’t bring that to them things will go slow.

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