The V7N Directory Experiment – Second Stage

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Just a quick update on how V7N Directory has performed for my new coding services site.

After seen successful performance of my sites on the SERPs of Google once I had submitted them to this quality web directory I decided to promote the directory here on SEO Optimization as a seo resource which can help your site to improve seo.

The web directory submission is a old and cost effective seo method used by many seo companies and seo experts as individuals. It is a great way to have one way backlinks to your sites, but due to the abuse of those directories Google search engine decided to penalize directories because they were not qualified as quality directories, this penalization was also called as “google hits directories“. This penalization it should not put fear to SEO’s at all, the penalization actually helps us have a better clue which of the directories are those “quality web directories” and which are the harsh. Well definitively V7N Directory is one of those quality and cost effective directories.

I started this seo experiment on V7N Directory to get you known with a web directory from which your site will benefit if submitted and to prove you that what I have listed as seo resource is not just crap.

But lets get back to how things stand now after 11 days after the submission of xhtml coding on V7N Directory. If the day I started this experiment the site was ranked on 18th page and than moved on 31st page of the Google SERPs during the Google dance today the site ranks on the 5th page of the SERPs. The traffic that V7N Directory sends has slowed down a little, but with the two conversation I had i already took back the money I invested to submit the site and I made over $100 of profit.

I did not regret to submit my site on V7N Directory and am thankful that made everything so easier for me to hit the first page of the SERPs, now that I am on the 5th page it won’t take me long to (if I concentrate working on it) to get into the first page of the SERPs. If I did it, you can do it too.

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