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I have to admit it, but I feel a bit annoyed that I am already back even tho it was planned as short vacation due to work flow that I usually receive during the month of July. The time I spent in Malaga, Spain was excellent, even tho in the area where I was it didn’t seemed like Spain at all but instead i felt like as if I was in Little Britain. The rural indications where the only thing you could read in Spanish, all the rest was in English, starting from advertisements of business, to restaurants, super markets etc.

But that is the past and now I am back in Italy, no sea, no pool in the backyard .. and my computer in front of me with my work waiting for me, scheduling projects and organizing my day the best way I can to keep up with everything from client projects, to own projects and some free time for me to relax and do whatever I feel like doing, and with this hot weather cold beer is what suits most I would say (cheers).

New Updates on Blog

Before the vacations I left few things started out but never finished, like the effective internet marketing strategies series which still needs to be completed, and I will during the next days. So you can expect new posts from that series in the next weeks, I will keep it slow but thats mainly because I want the posts to be with as much details as possible and to give you real examples and reasons why you should not ignore those free marketing strategies at all. Right before I started the series there was a change of a categories permalink from marketing-and-advertising to internet marketing tips, so if you have any link pointing to the old permalink I would appreciate if you can update it to the new permalink structure.

The other change you might have notice in this blog is a new seo software reviews category that currently has only the market samurai review as a reviewed software, which can also be found in the SEO resources page as I highly recommend this software. You should well expect more SEO softwares and tools to be reviewed in feature. The good thing about this category is that I can show you some of the tools most of internet marketers and SEOs use and what are the benefits you could have by using these software.

About a year ago when i realized that I will not have that much time to blog and won’t be able to closely monitor the blog and fight spam I decided to use the “automatically close comments” for posts after 15 days as I really do hate logging in and finding out hundreds of spam comments, even tho I put a good use of the comment discussion option for wordpress and blacklist the keywords that mainly spammers use. However that is history, I have extend the “auto close comments” option to 120 days, that means the posts will be open for comments up to 4 months after the date they get published.

I guess this would be all for now, ah before I forget, remember that you are always welcome to guest blog on this seo blog so do not hesitate to register (and don’t forget to confirm the registration by clicking the link that you will receive in your email) and publish your article in one of the next categories: internet marketing tips, make money online, search engines, google search engine or seo tutorials.

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