Warning When Using WP Super Cache

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To all bloggers on WordPress platform that are trying to save some bandwidth resource by installing the WP Super Cache plugin, this plugin may harm your search engine ranking positions. I will explain why this might happen (if it hasn’t happened yet) later in this post.

If you have WP Super Cache installed then most likely you know what the function of that plugin is, but since many others might have not heard of it yet..let me explain first. The WP Super Cache plugin it creates cache of your pages in static HTML and then shows those pages to your visitors (until the cache expires, which you can setup in your admin panel). This way your wordpress blog doesn’t have to query the database and show the content to the visitors, nor it needs to make other php functions so it saves your bandwidth usage, which is a good thing.

The bad thing that users have reported about this plugin is that it creates duplicate content in your site, and you have yourdomain.com and yourdomain.com/index.php indexed in the search engines, so all your efforts to eliminate duplicate content on your wordpress blog is useless at this point. The only fix for the moment known is to uninstall the plugin and wait for the search engine crawler bots to re-crawl your site and remove the duplicate pages from their index, or you can 301 redirect the duplicate pages to the original URL in meanwhile the authors of the plugin find the bug and make a fix for it, in meanwhile avoid to install this plugin.

Do you use WP Super Cache? Have you checked your site by querin site:yourdomain.com in the search engines and see if you have duplicate pages created from this plugin? Let us know..

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