Whats cool on WordPress 2.3.1

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WordPress platform for blogging is one of the most powerful and user friendly softwares I have ever seen. Easy to be used and easy to be tweaked and modified. As the time passes the WordPress coders support us with a fresh and stable blogging software for free, upgrading their software and bringing it to us more advanced.

WordPress is not this much used among bloggers only because it is easy to install or the use of free wordpress themes, what makes WordPress blog more sweet is the huge database of useful plugins that can be installed and used to make your blog look more professional or to simply satisfy yourself and make it have functions that you are not able to write.

What Cool?
The latest WordPress version 2.3.1 does not have many changes in appearance and from within the admin panel, but it does have some changes in the coding structure, which makes the software faster and using less resource as possible (it is anyway resource heavy software, especially for bigger blogs). I have notice tho two interesting features in the latest version that I really liked.

  • Plugins new version: Checking the plugins section within your admin area with WordPress 2.3.1 you will notice a small notice under plugins that have a new version, a feature which lets you know that you should check on the new features of the new version of the plugin you have installed and that you are using in your blog platform. A feature like this makes things much easier, especially for those bloggers that like to use several plugins on their blog.
  • Using Tags: If you are an old fan of tags and have used tagging plugins such as Ultimate Tags Warrior than you can practically disable that plugin (note: you will first have to modify each post and use the current tags) as with WordPress 2.3.1 you get this feature already enabled. With simple call functions you can also determine how the tags should appear and where should they appear (doing this it requires small knowledge of php and html language).

These two features brought to us for free from the WordPress staff make our blogging venture much easier and advanced, and with the tags which have been proven to give a nice boost in traffic from organic search engine will also improve your search engine rankings too (kinda).

Don’t Rush
If trial and error is my way to go, I still like to learn more from others mistakes instead of experiencing it on my own skin. As new softwares get released they usually have bugs that coders might have missed, after all coding line after line, page after page it is normal that you might have slipped something. Or even more simply, for each wall there is a hole, and for each software there is a bug that can be exploited. Hence, I would advice you not to rush since the first moment and upgrade your software, wait for a bit if there is no security reasons for which you should upgrade to the latest version.

As WordPress is a free software, so are most of the plugins. Coders contribute and build constantly plugins for free and benefit from freebies in other terms. It happens often tho that when WordPress releases a new version of their software most plugins are not compatible with that version and this might cause your blog to break and have other problems or even in worst cases to burn your database, another reason why you should check if plugins you use are compatible with the version you are willing to upgrade BEFORE upgrading.

I am still using WordPress 2.2.2 as I find it working just great, and with 2.3.1 some plugins I use are not compatible, would rather wait until they update their plugins to be compatible with WordPress 2.3.1 before upgrading or will try to find a similar plugin that is compatible with the latest WP version, for instance, the Google Sitemap Generator plugin is not compatible with the latest version of WordPress and it actually breaks.

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