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I bet you remember my post recommending you to do your seo gradually. I have received couple emails already regarding that post and asking me if advising people to do their website search engine optimization gradually wouldn’t be wasting them time?

The folks that dropped me email about that are most likely right about that. In business time is money, and every single second wasted is a wasted money. But the fact is that this is a learn seo blog and in order to learn seo you need to understand search engine optimization. The best way to understand how and which techniques in SEO work and which not is to understand how the search engines work (obviously no?). By doing your seo gradually will help you understand this portion of optimization, will help you learn what was your mistake (if you did any mistakes), will help you understand which links work good for your site and which get less value (in simple words, you will learn to valuate the backlinks you want just as the search engines will weight them).

When building bulk backlinks

My plans were to keep the posts about SEO mainly in the basics (even tho it is hard, there are thousands of seo blogs out there) for that same reason that one needs to understand the roots before can build the first floor. But also it is fair enough that I publish some more (lets call them…) advanced movements.

This tutorial will be mainly based about backlinks. On many forums (and via emails since I made it available to be contacted) I have read this same questions “How many links per month can I build?”. It is a question that does make sense when you know that you might be penalized for tricking the search engines, but let me ask you how can you control the linkbait and how much backlinks that linkbait will bring to your site? I know it is a bit weird asking that, but the fact is that you can’t control that and neither search engines can control that.

Search engines can detect that buzz of backlinks coming to your site all at once, but the difference of linkbait backlinks and artificially build backlinks is one, the anchor text (reminder, act natural). Sending a flood of backlinks to your site with the same identical keyword rich anchor text will most probably raise the red flag and alert the search engines that something fishy is going on over there.

Acting Natural

Think about this, you have a post and it gets dugg or stumbled or simply bookmarked on other social media sites. If your story/article is really good it will be most likely picked up by many other blog authors that will also be willing to linkback to your site. Each of the blog author that will pick your story and link back to your site/post will express himself in a totally unique way and use the anchor text that he/she thinks is appropriate with his content. This is the natural way of building backlinks.

When you diversify things and you artificially want to build backlinks (is it by asking your friends, is it by purchasing backlinks or simply interlinking with other networking related sites of yours) the mistake you will make is build them all by using the same identical anchor text (mhmm, we have five fingers in our hand all of them are totally different, but you managed to build 200 backlinks and all with identical anchor text, fishy no?). Diversifying the keywords in your anchor text, using simple words that are not even keywords you want to target will of course not help you rank higher, but they are still a vote toward your site and whats most important they will keep that red flag remain green as everything will look natural, almost a pure linkbait.

Don’t ask for percents

Many will also ask, what percentage (%) of backlinks should I keep with my targeted keywords and how much diversifying? Well I can’t answer that, maybe someone else can, one thing is for sure that it is time to diversify links when will be feeling like its too much. Many advice to keep the keywords in anchor text when building bulk backlinks bellow 50% of the links, other tell you can push yourself further.

My advice is to ask yourself when it is enough, and when you will feel it is enough then be sure thats the number where you want to stop at and diversify, trust yourself more in this regard. Make a test, try to write a keyword rich post, after awhile when writing you will feel that you are stuffing the post with your keywords, repeating it over and over again once you tickle that feeling you will start to diversify and use alternative words for that keyword, do the same when building backlinks, diversify them, make money online or making money online or make living online, thats diversifying but still remaining in the same topic.

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7 Responses to “When Building Backlinks…”
  1. Nice post Astrit! I definitely love those ‘natural backlinks’!

  2. Very Interesting and sound post this will definitely help all the optimizer who are new and young.

    I do believe in the automatic back links which other bloggers may provide when the resource is interesting enough but sometimes it may also harm you when some mischiefs are done to drop the ranking.

    Do you come across the seocontest2008 it may interest you and your readers.


  3. You can’t really have control of the anchor text when you get a linkbait, or when someone wants to hurt you. You have also most probably read a heap of articles on Google bombing and how that can affect your rankings even for undesired words.

    When you are already building the links, thats another story because you have the control and you know (supposedly) what you are doing and how you are optimizing your site.

    Yes I have came across the contest, and even placed my entry, but will see how it goes and if I can help “Mark” to get himself some dofollow links 😛

  4. Duckeldanny says:

    very interesting, thanks

  5. CatherineL says:

    Thanks Astrit. I just recently got a lot of links to one popular post. One day on google – you know the bit on the blog reader telling you how many links you have – it said over 60. Then I checked today and to was just over 20.

    Do you think I might have been penalized because of a sudden amount of links to the post?

    Also, when I used to check who was linking to me, it showed me technorati but now it is Google. Why has it changed?

  6. Hi Catherine,
    It would make no sense to penalize you, other ways NY Times would have been penalized long time for people linking to their stories.

    I did not understood your last question, what do you mean Google is linking to you?