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Make Money Online | October 13th, 2007 | 9 Comments

As you can see every new month that arrives the ways to make money online increase. The latest but not the newest way to make money online is through WidgetBucks.

What is WidgetBucks

From the about page of WidgetBucks we read that WidgetBucks features pay-per-click shopping widgets that help our customers make money fast.

From a first point of view WidgetBucks appears like a affiliate marketing widget where visitors of your website view products listed with price and ratings. Unlike affiliate banners on the widget of WidgetBucks are displayed multiple products that gives your visitors the possibility to view more than just one simple product.

The widget is in flash so visitors of your website must have installed the adobe flash player to be able to view the products that are listed in the widget. The widget is also customizable in color and shape to make it blend with your site as much as possible.

WidgetBucks widget customization

Once you have logged in into your WidgetBucks account on the top of the layout you will notice a set of buttons, clicking on the New Widget a page will appear with all the functions to change your widget. You can name your widget so you can track which ones performs best on your site (similar to Google AdSense Channels), once you have named your widget you have to specify a page where the widget will be shown (if you use a blog you can simply use the homepage of the blog as URL where the widget will be placed). The next step would be choosing the size of the widget and this is maybe the weak part of WidgetBucks which many webmasters would like to see it improved in the near feature. There is not much of freedom to chose size for your widget the listed options are Wide Skycraper 160×600, Skycraper 120×600, Rectangle 300×250, Leaderbord 780×90, Full banner 468×60, Custom 160×300 and Custom 660×330. Sizes like 250×250 or 125×125 are not available and this does not let webmasters with smaller layout to be able to implement WidgetBucks widget in their site.

WidgetBucks CPM

Again on the about page of WidgetBucks we read Our widgets see $3-$6 CPM — pretty good compared to traditional ad networks that deliver less than $2 CPM. Their promise on CPM is pretty high indeed and it is tempting me to use it here on SEO Optimization, but we will see.

WidgetBucks Referral Program, Payout and Bonuses

WidgetBucks does not only give you the opportunity to earn money by using their widget, when you sign up with WidgetBucks you have automatically activated the option to become a referral of WidgetBucks.

Referral Program
In your WidgetBucks account you will notice the referral tools button, following the link you will be send in a page from where you can chose a vast number of affiliate banners that you can place in your website and refer people to WidgetBucks. Every referral you refer it will result in your account. Affiliates can earn a 10 percent referral fee based on the commissions earned by the people they refer and this is not only for the first month, affiliates receive this 10 percent for the full 12 month after the new member joins. The cookie will remain for only 30 days, this means that the visitor you refer to WidgetBucks have to signup within 30 days to result as your referral, if the visitor sign ups later than 30 days from the day he has found about WidgetBucks by following your link it will no longer result as your referral, not a good thing but usually people that are interested sign up in the same moment or within a week.

WidgetBucks Payout
Commissions you generate with the WidgetBucks are payable in two different forms, one is by check and the other one is by PayPal which is much used between webmasters and online money makers. WidgetBucks (Mpire) will pay Publishers for the previous month of activity within 45 days of the end of each month. The minimum payout is of $50, so you have to make $50 before you get paid, but things get much easier to that sum and you will learn how only if you continue reading.

In difference of Publishers payout the affiliates payout are paid on monthly basis without a minimum amount for the payout.

WidgetBucks Sign Up Bonus
If you sign up with WidgetBucks it will instantly result in $25 bonus gift into your account. This is damn easy $25 you can earn just if you sign up as publisher with WidgetBucks. This wonderful $25 bonus gets you half way to the first payout which is $50.

My opinion on making money with Mpire’s WidgetBucks

If earlier I said that it is much easier to make money online with non internet related websites now I have to say that in order to make money online with WidgetBucks is best if you have a specific niche website. The fact that products displayed on the WidgetBucks widget are specifically tech targeted (examples: Electronics, Computers, Camera and Photo), but not only. There are some non tech related but yet specific product categories that can be used (ex. Sports and Outdoors, Online Games, Musical instruments, Health and beauty, Clothing and Accessories etc). Each of the names categories has its own sub categories to get even more specific to the product, so if you have a website about Computers but you have a page only about softwares you can select the Computers category and Softwares as subcategory. This way you can place razor targeted product which most likely are going to result into sales.

Here is a preview of how a WidgetBucks widget looks like, I have chosen the Computers primaery category and Laptops as sub category.

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9 Responses to “WidgetBucks to Make Money Online”
  1. Collin says:

    Great post and thanks.

  2. Welcome Collin,

    I have installed the WidgetBucks widget on a tech related site, the site does not have much traffic as of yet to give more details how it performs but with the traffic it has and the results it shows it is pretty good I have to say.

    I managed also to find some other widgetbucks users and they too have reported great results. My opinion that it will work on specific niche web sites (based on other users results) was more than correct. General websites or blogs will not do that good.

    Only time will tell how this will work out.

  3. Googlelady says:

    Widgetbucks, needs to really improve their statistics and mainly for the referrals. They just show “you have xxx referrals” and we can’t even know from where they came. If they are serious about referrals promoting their program they need to improve ASAP.

  4. I have to admit that is another weak part of WidgetBucks. But from what I can see (and obviously you have notice that too) seems like WidgetBucks does not aim on referrals but rather on sales. Hence the statistics about sales is more accurate and detailed.

    But you are right, they should fix that too and deliver the whole pack and just the portions of their interest.

  5. Dean Jutilla says:

    Hello SEO, Thanks for the balance and fair review of WidgetBucks for your readers. Wanted to point out a few features and updates we made this week, to your points above: This coming week we’re rolling out new ad sizes (in fact, two new versions went into rotation on Friday).
    @Googlelady…thanks for your input. we’ve made some significant refinements to our reporting this past week, including the addition of My Bucks, a new tab that shows your account by month, and total earnings for all active widgets on My Widgets. More improvements to come as well. Check out our blog for more details at http://widgetbucks.blogspot.com. Have a great rest of the weekend, Dean Jutilla, WidgetBucks

  6. Hello Dean,
    It is a pleasure to see that you passed by and to point out these new upcoming feature at WidgetBucks. It is good to know that WidgetBucks reads what others have to say about than and takes actions to improve the system.

  7. Dean Jutilla says:

    Absolutely. A key method of improving the product is certainly to listen what people are saying about it — and more to the point — asking for. Thanks again for your support. Dean, WidgetBucks

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