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It was 13th of October when I first wrote about widgetbucks to make money online. That post was made after WidgetBuck started to make some noise between internet money makers and many online money makers believed that WidgetBucks was most probably the best choice for those who wanted to replace Google AdSense with a new PPC company.

As I am using WidgetBucks on a site that does not have much traffic than it is hard to give exact informations on how it performs, but the whole idea of WidgetBucks is to perform best on niche sites. The pay per click is very good compared to Google AdSense for ads of the same niche and the widget is pretty much good looking. They played a bit nasty but we can even forgive them for that as they were fast to adjust that (or rather, Google was fast enough to penalize them) and because they are a new company in the scene and some mistakes can be forgiven.

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On the first post some of the readers made some requests, and one of those requests was about the referral stats made by Googlelady. As she was right and I believe we have the right to know about how our referred users perform and how much we are earning from that a better and detailed statistics about our referred users was needed. At the time the only informations we could see for our referrals was “You have X of referrals” (where X is the number of referrals we have sent to WidgetBucks).

Few days ago when I logged in to see whats going on with widgetbucks I notice a tab at the bottom for the referrals, clicking that tab a new block opens in the same window where we can now know a little bit more about the referred users we have sent to WidgetBucks. With the new stats we can see, referrers account number, date we have referred that user, net earnings and referral earnings.

After all, they do hear our voice and improve their system. How has WidgetBucks worked for you?

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