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I first joined Entrecard on late November after testing out BlogRush and than later on burned a feed on rssHugger and I have to admit that Entrecard has been working best in terms of traffic of the other two above mentioned. BlogRush was nothing more but than waste of time, and rssHugger is still a good way to share some link love 😉

Even tho I haven’t been really active on dropping cards to others (and thats what caused mainly the drop of credits to advertise on my Entrecard widget) Entrecard was still able to constantly drive traffic to this learn seo blog since day 1 when I joined. Since November 30 up to date Entrecard has sent to me roughly 400 uniques visitors, not big numbers but yet welcome as some of the bloggers that found me via Entrecard stopped by. If I was just slightly more active I would definitively gain more traffic and get exposed more to other bloggers, but since I did those are the numbers.

The Contest

This contest is a great opportunity for those that already use Entrecard or for those that would like to give it a go and not be waiting to taste the traffic until they gain some credits. I am giving away 600 Entrecard Credits as winning price of this easy contest to one lucky winner. With these free 600 Entrecard credits you will be able to advertise for 5 days on the most expensive website on the Marketing category, 6 days of advertising on the most expensive website under the Web Development category, 3 days on Internet Marketings category most expensive site or 3 days on, or if you prefer you can advertise on more less expensive websites. And the sweet part is, Entrecard it Works.

The Contest Rules

The rules are pretty simple and plain, it does not require subscription to RSS feed (if you feel like you are welcome) but it requires that

  • Participants state by commenting here that they are taking part of this contest (to avoid empty discussions and so we all know who participated and who won)
  • In order to win you have to: Blog about this blog (not about this contest but if you feel like you can mention the contest) and link to ONE of the following pages with the appropriate anchor text
    • URL: Anchor: Learn SEO or SEO Blog
    • URL: Anchor: SEO Resource or SEO Resources
    • URL: Anchor: SEO Tutorials or SEO Tutorial

Every participant that will confirm his entry commenting on this post where everyone will be able to see who has participated in this contest will have the chance to win 600 Entrecard credits. The contest is open for entries until January 15th 2008, all entries after that date will not be counted and will not be able to take part of this contest. On 16th January 2008 will be published the lucky winner of this contest after I confirm that participants have properly linked to this blog (only those that have valid links will be valid candidates).

Enough with the rules and welcome to this contest! And let the best luckiest Win 😉

Update: Just a short update on the contest. I am willing to give away 200 more Entrecard credits to a second lucky winner of this contest. Just few more days to participate to this contest before it ends on 15th January. If you want to be one of the lucky winners blog about this SEO Blog and link to one of the above mentioned URLs with the given anchor text.

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14 Responses to “Win 600 Entrecard Credits”
  1. lankapo says:

    hopefully I will be the luckiest one, wait for my entry 🙂

  2. […] the title says, I am willing to give extra 200 Entrecard credits for the second lucky winner on my Win 200 Entrecard Credits […]

  3. gLf says:

    Hi! My post about the contest:
    Hope everything is ok.

  4. Hello everyone.
    Just a short update: Based on the rules of the contest I will announce the ones that are qualifying as of now are the next:
    Contest Master and gLf, while Laura is not qualified as it has not meet the rules as listed above.

    Thank you everyone, hope to see more entries until 15th

  5. […] contest is closed and the entrecard contest winners […]

  6. No problem on mine not qualifying.

    I write a daily contest roundup on my blog and I included yours as a courtesy then came by and dropped you a note as same.

    Have a great night!

  7. warhound says:

    I want to enter contest

  8. WAHM Tara says:

    I just joined tonight! Please count me in!

  9. Well Tara, it is a bit late. This contest is already over, but thanks for passing by.

  10. Matt Keegan says:

    Well, I’m way late for this contest. But, I just wanted to say that I dropped by (literally) to find ideas for a contest of my own. I think I’ve gotten some ideas from what you have shared.

  11. Hey Matt,
    Indeed this contest is way too old (I think I should stop comments for this post either). However, there is a new contest you might be interested at 😉