The Winners of Entrecard Contest

Open topic | January 15th, 2008 | 5 Comments

As you might know (or might not) I was running a contest where the price was 800 EntreCard credits in total. The first price was of 600 EntreCard Credits while the second of 200 EntreCard credits.

For the winners of this contest it was really easy to be honest, there were total of 3 entries one of which was not qualifying as it did not match the rules of the contest. Funny to say, but the participants seem to be contest hunters, they have even created a free blogspot blogs from where they can participate to contest similar to the one I was running.

The contest is closed and the entrecard contest winners are:

  1. gLf from About Blog Contest (whatever your name is) as first place and wins 600 Entrecard credits
  2. Contestime (neither provided a name) as second place and wins 200 Entrecard credits

Congratulations to both and thank you for partecipating this contest. Please use the contact form to claim your price and provide me with email address where to send the credits.

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5 Responses to “The Winners of Entrecard Contest”
  1. Both .blogspot winners? So the contest was rigged! 😉 Hopefully I’ll see the next contest.

  2. Well all I can say, congratulations to the winners 😉

  3. CatherineL says:

    Congratulations to the winners. I’m guessing it was me who followed the instructions wrongly. But, I am pleased really. It would start looking v suspicious if I won 2 contests in a week.

  4. You? You had a entry?

  5. gLf says:

    Thank you very much! And congrats to Contetstime!
    I’ve just sent a mail with my address, and I’ll write a post about the winning soon.