Won my first contest ever

Open topic | December 22nd, 2007 | 2 Comments

Even tho the contest was not of a big competition at Paul Barlows Make Money Online blog about 200 Entrecard credits it was a good feeling to see the pingback and the announcement of the winner of the contest since this was the first ever contest I won in my blogging history 😛

A pitty tho that Paul believes that his blog is dying, what I think actually is that he is not giving too much effort on the blog, he has the skills and he has the knowledge, but of course being over helmed with work does not give enough space about blogging and we have to also highlight that it is the vocations period where everyone is in rush to cash their money, buy presents and hope that his gf/bf will treat him better at least during the vocations thanks to the present he/she will receive (just teasing).

Anyway, even tho it might be a smart move to give away those credits in a contest (as many would do) I still think that the contest runner deserves the respect and those credits should be kept for yourself instead of giving them away (after all, if one doesn’t need credits than why should participate in a contest? just so he could give away a “winning price” for another contest? Well I am not that evil and would rather respect the winning price).

So, I am asking all you Entrecard users, where would you advice me to spend the 200 credits and buy ad spots?

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2 Responses to “Won my first contest ever”
  1. I decided to change the prize last minute and made it equal to the cost to advertise on the top EntreCard blog, you’ve just won 286 credits instead of 200. Merry Christmas.

  2. Hah, yeah I saw that and was wondering why, not I know.

    Thank you Paul, and Merry Christmas to you too 😉