WordPress 2.5 Released

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I am not really enthusiast when the new versions of any type of CMS/Software is being released if there is not a major change In addition whenever the new versions are being released I wait for like a month or so to upgrade since it happens that in the early days bugs are being found with each new version , and this is like a must and even normal.

This is not the case of WordPress 2.5, its been now 6 months that the wordpress community has been working on this version, testing it from volunteers, checking and fixing bugs by the coders and perfecting this lovely blogging tool and addition additional (and cool) functions to make your blogging days much easier to use and with more functions for you, and its all free.

You can wait for a bit before upgrading even tho most of the plugins should be working just fine with this version since the database table has not been changed. In either case, the features you can expect on WordPress 2.5 are the ones named bellow.

WordPress 2.5 New Features

The bellow named features are those referred to the user interface

  • Cleaner, faster, less cluttered dashboard
  • Dashboard Widgets
  • Multi-file upload with progress bar
  • Bonus: EXIF extraction
  • Search posts and pages
  • Tag management
  • Password strength meter
  • Concurrent editing protection
  • Few-click plugin upgrades
  • Friendlier visual post editor
  • Built-in galleries

The bellow listed features are those referring to development

  • Salted passwords
  • Secure cookies
  • Easy taxonomy and URL creation
  • Inline documentation
  • Database optimization
  • $wpdb->prepare()
  • Media buttons
  • Shortcode API

As I am writing this post I am already downloading the files of the finalized and released WordPress 2.5 to give it a test go with all the plugins I am using and see if any of them it does really need an upgrade. In either case, if you are upgrading and you find an error disable all the plugins, and start enabling them one at a time to figure out which plugin might be causing the error.

You can learn more about each of the above mentioned functions at WordPress 2.5 post. Hope you enjoyed this post and will subscribe to my RSS feed to read SEO Optimization daily and news.

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7 Responses to “WordPress 2.5 Released”
  1. seo man says:

    Did you have any problems with it? Someone i know was having problems logging into CP after upgrade.

    PS: Dropped you an entrecard. 🙂

  2. Hey there,
    Well actually no, i have had no problems with it. I did not had even the time to check all the plugins (except the ones I use here, but also those that I have intentions to use) but I will this weekend.

    Anyway, no problems with cPanel at all.

  3. Jagdu says:

    Hey, thanks for the quick writeup, I’ve linked to you. By the way, I won’t be upgrading any time soon.

  4. Hey Jagdu,
    Thanks for passing by and linking too 😉 I know your concern about upgrading, but you could do the same thing I do, install the new version on a subfolder and upload all your plugins and theme which matter for you to check if they are compatible or not 😉

    In either case, the admin panel is totally different, I still can’t get used to it but it is good looking one I have to admit.

  5. Jagdu says:

    Good idea. Only problem is I don’t want to invest the time into something that doesn’t have a direct benefit yet. I’m sure there will be a lot of great new plugins soon and that will push me over the edge.

  6. I installed wordpress using fantastico so im afraid to upgrade it manually. Fantastico usually gives the option to upgrade, but i think it takes a litle while since its not there yet. I have heard many good things about it. Cant wait to try it.

  7. Jagdu says:

    Guitar Hero, Fantistico is usually a month behind from my experience. You can upgrade manually, it’s really easy.