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Make Money Online | January 22nd, 2008 | Comments Off on WordPress plugin that can Help your Business

I blogged about OIOPublisher to make money online awhile ago, when they first opened the doors of their marketplace and released the plugin. It has been a long time since August 2007 (when I blogged about this plugin) and till now many changes have been made and their plugin is in a more advanced stage then ever and let me tell you how this helped my business.

When I was already working on the design of xhtml coding I was already planing what billing system was I supposed to use. I currently own a clientexec license, which is a very sophisticated and advanced billing system but mainly aims for the web hosting business, than again I own another license for WhoisCart (which I don’t use for ages now). Both those system are good, the advantage and what I was first thinking to go with is ClientExec and its kick-a** functions which could be modified and used for other purpose rather than just for web hosting. But there was something that was bugging me…going with ClientExec I needed to purchase a second software if I wanted to enhance my marketing through affiliate program, and the best choice to go with would have been iDevAffiliate (which is as well a really sophisticated affiliate software) since ClientExec has plugin built in to to merge the two softwares into one single panel.

Okey, both softwares (ClientExec and iDevAffiliate) are sophisticated and rock with their functions, they don’t cost that much so that was my ideal way to go…and I was almost going to miss the chance to give the opportunity to OIOPublisher’s Plugin. So on a second thought, offering wordpress coding services, the site is built in into WordPress the plugin was ideal for this project.

When OIOPublisher plugin was first released it was mainly aiming the advertising business, with functions like text link ads, inpost ads, custom services and video ads and whats best, it was free. Well time has passed and the plugin has been updated and now has some great features even tho today the plugin is no longer free and costs only $37 USD one time fee (a small fee which is well worth for this lovely plugin to be honest) and here are some of the features you get with this plugin

  • Purchase posts
  • Purchase Links
  • Purchase inline ads
  • Purchase banners
  • Purchase custom services
  • Affiliate program
  • Tracker modules
  • Social module

To be short and clear, more than “just a plugin” this has become a real billing system and it helped me with xhtmlcoding.com at the first stages. Lucky me I had subscribed with OIOPublisher when they first launched I got the plugin for free (new singups have to pay the small one time fee of $37 USD).

There are two functions that I LOVE about this plugin. One is the custom services from where I can set unlimited number of services (just as like creating a shopping card) and I can setup if I want the service to be paid on monthly basis or just a one time fee. The second function is the affiliate program from where I can set a flat amount to pay affiliates for each business they refer to me or % for each sale the referred user generates through their affiliate link. This not only will help many others in the webmastering field to monetize their website(s) but it will also help xhtmlcoding.com to spread the word through the web.

What I can tell you, that OIO Publishers plugin helped xhtmlcoding.com on the very first stages to generate profit and yet have that (kinda) professional look where purchases can be made through a real billing system rather than just a simple PayPal button. Now that I have also activated the affiliate program I am hoping that things will go even better.

One thing I would tell you is that if you are running WordPress blog (or a business website based on WP) and you want to amortize your costs as for the beginning (but not only, it is a great deal even for long time business) to grab this lovely plugin (after all it costs just $37 USD one time fee, which you can easily earn the money back) and to start making money online with your blog through selling ads or even offering services, it suits just perfectly in both cases.

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