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The first step in SEO, before you even dare to start your website or even buy your domain name, the first thing you are supposed to do is research keywords for your niche or business you are starting. It happens often that people start a business or a website and they start it by targeting harsh keywords (keywords that will bring you no traffic via search engines), losing traffic and most probably losing customers that would help your business in the first stage, the launch of the business.

There are thousands of free keyword research tools, but as we know the search results per keyword those tools can provide us with are most likely of the previous month. Even tho those data can give us a clue of how much organic traffic we could get by targeting that keyword, well the past month, but the search query for keywords differs from day to day, week to week and month to month. One keyword could be more searched this month while that business is more requested while the next month another keyword, but treating the same business.

And this when you need WordZe, it is a paid keyword research web based tool but we will talk about pricing later, let me tell you what informations you can get with WordZe.

  • Keyword Research

    The keyword researching tools gives you results about your searched keyword and gives you more results (or rather, more related keywords to your main keyword) together with the search volume the keywords have, the estimated amount of traffic the keyword would send to you and the KEI

  • Historical Keyword Data

    With historical keyword data you can know more about your targeted keywords as the search volume on a certain day, week or month. This feature can help you understand when you can expect most marketing dollars and when not.

  • Monitor Your Competitors Keywords

    This tool plays the game of a spy-tutor. In simple words, when you have no clue what keywords you need to target to get your business successful and get the most of the organic traffic, you can simply spy (or monitor) your competitors and know more about what keywords they are using to promote their website on the search engines. This way, you can get a clue as to what you should target.

  • Analyze Keyword Difficulty

    This is a tool that is patent pending, the tool looks promising and something new, and thats why they are patenting it (normal and smart move). The tool is supposed to query the top 10 results on the serps for a determined keyword (that you will pick) and will give you results of how many monthly links those websites are building to obtain that search results as well as provides you demographic data on users that are searching those keywords. With informations like this you can easily know how much backlinks you need to build to become a leader (or rather get ranked in the first page if not in the first result of the SERPs) for that keyword.

These are some of the really worth features you could get with WordZe and the one I prefer is their patent pending WebRank tool. Other tools and informations that come with WordZe are, expand the dig results, import keywords to inspect their search volume, the ability to download top search keywords and even you will be able to manage projects. You can view all the tools by visiting the WordZe tour page.

WordZe Pricing

Even tho their suggested retail price is at $45 a month to have access to all of their tools, if you subscribe now while they are running their special offer you will be paying only $35 month, promotion with which you save 20% of their suggested price (price which will be available after their special offer ends). But to be sure that their tools work, they are not giving you free and limited access to their tools, rather, they let you have access to ALL of their tools for one day (24 hours) by charging you a small fee of $7,95 and once you get access to their trial you will be able to figure out if WordZe suits for your needs or no, if it does you can subscribe for the promotional price if not, you just let the trial expire and never go back to them (which I doubt is not going to happen if you are serious on search engine optimization and you have a business you want to place it perform well on search engine rankings).

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7 Responses to “WordZe & Keyword Research Tools”
  1. CatherineL says:

    Hi Astrit – how do this compare with Wordtracker?

  2. Hi Catherine,
    The results are pretty much the same, even tho of course the amount of traffic it is displayed it is “estimated”.

    What I find interesting is the their WebRank (even tho not on all cases the numbers would match, but it is quiet impressive that they can even come up with a number).

  3. Hmm… Have you given this a shot?

  4. Yeah gave a shot to the trial, and looks worth. Just have to figure out how some other things work

  5. Greg says:

    Great keyword tool. However, I don’t think it’s something I would pay money for.

  6. Darkeye says:

    Well, I’ll try to check this one out, I hope that it performs well, thanks for the resource…

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