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The video bellow is 1h long it might be quiet long, but trust me it is worth watching the entire video as it does contain a lot of useful information and things you can learn from the sites being reviewed from Matt Cutts, Tiffany Lane, Greg Grothaus and Vanessa Fox. The seo site reviews aren’t concentrated ONLY on seo aspects and performing with the search engines, but as well as usability, how to present important things to your visitors and how to make visitors to like your site (with like, I mean, easy to navigate site, easy to understand and give them the information’s for which they came to your site in first place).

One thing I did notice on this video was the “keyword stuffing of google webmaster tools”, i am teasing, not really a keyword stuffing as you think, but the google webmaster tools is being promoted quiet a bit, guess why?

I have categorized this post under seo tutorials as I believe from this video you will be able to learn some new things, they aren’t explicitly pointed you (and most of them are) and if you can read a bit between the lines you will get some valuable information’s.

If you finish watching the video entirely, let me know what are the new things you learned from this video that you didn’t know about earlier.

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