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A guy that i know from a webmaster forum under the nickname venetsian is running a really interesting experiment on organic link which search engines tend to place back in order. It has been awhile since the announce that Google search engine was going to penalize link buyers and seller that artificially build links to trick search engine algorithm (mainly PageRank algorithm).

This new rule by search engines has taken place already and some of the big names have been already penalized (John Chow penalized for selling links), but we will have better results on this new rule after the PageRank season.

What made venetsian at first place curious is the question “Are search engines smart enough to read plain text and determine if thats a link or not” since 95% of internet users don’t have HTML language knowledge and are not able to write a HTML linking code. That got him interested enough to run a experiment and see if search engines are in fact that smart to read plain text of a website URL and consider it as link, venetsian created a brand new website with just few pages, and he wrote his website URL in plain text in one of his other websites which was already crawled by Google search engine and Yahoo search engine. After couple days he notice that the bots were invited to the new site that he created, which means that search engine bots are smart enough to determine if a plain text URL (not linked) is in fact a URL attempt wrote by a HTML savvy user and they do give value to such links but we (me, venetsian or whoever else) have no clue.

Now there is a new question for venetsian, and he is going to run experiment into this too, ventsian actually wonder

Now the thing that I’m experimenting on is to put numerous text links on different pages, blogs and comments to see if this is going to boost my website’s ranking in some relatively competitive area.

and he’s doubts

The problem that I got is that I’m not sure how search engines will treat my links as there are no keywords attached and if they show some value they must be able to “sense” the topic of that particular page that is linking to me. Indeed search engines are capable of doing this and knowing what’s what since they are “smart enough” to discount non-relevant links, and therefore if you know what’s non relevant then it is fairly simple to get the idea what’s relevant on that topic.

He tends to run this experiment for one of his websites , and to run this experiment he will try to get plain text of his URL from websites that treat a certain topic, such as SEO, since he wants to find out if this kind of linking will help his site go way up in the SERPs.

Lets see how will perform in the SERPs and let me know what you think.

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