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As i was about to leave for a three days trip with my friends and i wanted to keep the standard of 1 post a day,Friday night (or rather, Saturday early in the morning, a hour or two past midnight) i did wrote two post.

The first post was Learn marketing while watching a show which got published Saturday 18th August while I was already on the trip to the seaside and the second was Miscellaneous Ramblings for 8-20-2007 post that was published on Sunday 19th August when i was already taking sun and getting some tan.

Thanks to WordPress and the Timestamp feature I could manage to do this, to be able to publish a post a day while i was in the beach taking sun and relaxing. You have most probably notice this feature in your WordPress blog when you click on the Write Post button, it is in the right side and the box is named Post Timestamp, but you never really gave importance to that box (just as i didn’t) nor you got interested to know what the function of the Post Timestamp is.

By editing the Post Timestamp date and hour you can decide exactly WHEN you want your post to be published.

How does the Post Timestamp feature work
After you have finished writing your post scroll down to the Post Timestamp and edit the date, or hour when you want your post to be published, than scroll up again and click the Publish button, thats it done.

Benefits of using the Post Timestamp feature
Well lets take a look at it this way, while you were on the beach too or out with your friends and you were worried that you can’t get early enough back home to write a post on your blog I did made a post on my blog. Lets better see the why’s

  • Relax, have more free time and yet your readers will have what to read on your blog.
  • Have two or three ideas what to write about today, but the next day you will have no ideas…by using post timestamp feature you will have one article to write for today, the second for tomorrow and you will still have time to think about the third article.
  • Maintain a high level of posts on your blog and keep your blog alive.

Time costs money and with the Post Timestamp feature you can beat the time (at least blogging).

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