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I have been slow writing on this blog and even slower reading latest news on other blogs, things are getting busy here so really not much of time for passion as I am concentrated full time on my new project and trying to achieve my goals. However this weekend i had some spare time so surfed around the web to see what I have missed, I was literally bombed on ShoeMoney’s new SEO Tools (members only, yeah you have to pay to get access to those tools) and from ShoeMoney’s news letters too (yeah, i even received an advertisement for something completely different then his tools from him). It was obvious that I wanted to check whats so special about those tools that everyone talks about, are they really worth or is it just that little affiliate link in question, so I subscribed with the limited promotion for 10 days at $3.95.

There are two tool options I did notice there, or rather 2 groups of tools. One is SEO and the other one is for PPC, and since all the reviews I read were about the SEO tools and my interest was to check the SEO tools only I will limit my review on the that only.

SEO Tools that you can find on ShoeMoney’s membership

  • SEO Checkup
  • Backlink Analyzer
  • Domain marketplace
  • Backlink Finder
  • Keyword Density Tool
  • Most Linked
  • Related Blog Posts
  • SEO Competition 2.0
  • Text Optimizer
  • Outgoing Links

These are the tools you can find on ShoeMoney’s SEO Tools and I checked them one by one to see if they justify the membership fee or you can just simply find these tools on the web for free or if you could find even better tools then those for that price. So lets start reviewing all the tools.

SEO Checkup

The SEO Checkup tool was something I really did liked. It is one of the last tools build from his team and is something really useful if you want to learn more things about your competitor and how come he ranks #1 and not you. You have to just insert the keyword for which you want to rank and your URL (note, URL is optional) within few minutes (yeah takes a bit longer to make all the analyzes and it is obvious as it has to check several sites). Once the report is generated you will be able to see details of the top 10 sites ranking in the first page for that keyword, in addition with domains PageRank, Yahoo linkdomain, Yahoo links, Alexa ranking, age of domain, titles that your competitors use including the keyword density in title, number of words in title, as on page optimization it also counts the number of first three headings that your competitors have within the page with which they rank, keywords that are used in headings.

Other on-page factors are included within the SEO Checkup report such as,

  • body text and keyword density within the body text
  • URL and if keywords are present in URL
  • sitemap and robots.txt analyzes
  • meta description analyzes
  • links (well this isn’t really a report since it asks you to run another backlink checker report)
  • html code and page load time
  • Images (no report even for this section, it just gives suggestions on what you should do)
  • Meta keywords

Overall, the SEO Checkup plugin is sweet and a time saver, i liked this one since the moment i got the report. But lets pass over on the second tool.

Backlink Analyzer

With the backlink analyzer you get a lovely report (have to wait couple minutes for the report to complete) of keywords that your competitor has, amount of keywords that use certain anchor text, sites from where those links come and sites with which competitor has made reciprocal link exchange. Interesting and helpful tool, but definitively not something you can’t find online for free. Webconfs anchor analyzer tool is one of those free ones even tho it limits to 65 backlinks its report.

Domain Marketplace

This is another interesting tool. It has a marketplace of domains (name of domains is hidden so all you will see is xxx xxx xxx xxx.tld), but the domain names listed in here are classified based on Inlinks, .gov links, .edu links, .mil links. Even tho backlinks from .gov, .edu, .mil give a great value as far as it regards SEO, to me this tool is useless since I can’t see the actual domain but all I see is xx x x x xx x x x x jibberish stuff. However, for those interested in flipping sites and making easy profits it is a good tool to track down expired domains with decent backlinks already (saves you time building those links, someone else has done it for you).

Backlink Finder

An unknown error occured. Please wait a few minutes and try your request again.

Thats the message I got since I signed up when I try to get report on backlink finder based on my keywords.

Keyword Density Tool

With this tool by inserting your site URL and desired keyword you want to check you get a report of the keyword density in your body text report. Thing which you can get for free on many other websites, just perform a search on your preferred search engine. With WebCEO this tool is already build in.

Most Linked

This tool runs a report (based on site URL) on pages that have most incoming links.

Related Blog Posts

Now this is a interesting tool. Say you have a blog post regarding SEO Tools, write down the keyword on this tool and it will generate a list of related blog posts based on that keyword. Copy then the URL list and paste it into the send trackback to ping those blogs.

SEO Competition 2.0

A tool to have fun with in your spare time, because it gives same results as the SEO Checkup tool and gives even less information’s.

Text Optimizer

You have your text ready to put in your website but would like to check on keyword density for your desired keywords before publishing and make sure that you have it optimized well? With this tool you get the keyword density report for your text before publishing it. Yet another tool that you can find for free if you search right through the web.

Outgoing Links

If you want to measure the outgoing links from your site (or from your competitors site) then this tool will give you report on that. Pretty simple and straight forward.

My Opinion on ShoeMoney’s SEO Tools

As far as it regards shoemoney’s seo tools, and only the seo tools, i am not very pleased, with exception of the SEO checkup tool which is something really lovely and useful if you want to learn more about your competitors. The other tools are really something you can find online for free (WebCEO’s free edition has most of those tools included for free, and even more), all you have to do is perform a search query on the search engines and the tools will be there.

Personally, after this 10 days promotion I won’t renew the membership with shoemoney’s tools as I do not see those tools justifying the price nor it makes me work easier. If i’d have to subscribe one day it would be just to use the SEO Checkup tool, but I doubt I will pay that price to use one tool only.

Have you used Shoemoney’s SEO tools? What do you think about them?
If you have used these tools I would love to hear what do you think about, you liked them? Felt they are waste of time or they helped you more then you expected? Let me know through the comments please.

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