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To have a better control over the seo optimization process that we are actually doing for our website we do have to monitor closely how the site acts and how it moves in the SERPs of the major search engines so we could better understand which techniques do work and which don’t.

For this process many would rely to only manual checking, and other might rely to some other softwares or other applications that may facilitate this process. However, sometimes manual checking of our site rankings in the SERPs may become a real pain if we are targeting more keywords, that would mean checking the site and its rankings for each keyword separately in each of the 3 major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Live (aka MSN)).

I recently came across a lovely free seo ranking tools web application at which does exactly what many of you (and even I) might been looking for. This web application will not only check your website ranking for several keywords in several websites but it also gives you the possibility to measure your success with a competitors website.

ExactFactor’s Free SEO Ranking Tool

Aside that you can chose three different search engines where you can check your websites SERPs you can also chose the local search engine or the global (or rather international) search. Another great feature that these free seo tools have is the weekly report. Exactly, you can simply register for free (add your site and your keywords, as well as the competitor but that’s optional) and chose Yes to receive weekly email report of your site’s ranking.

Features of ExactFactor’s Free SEO Ranking Tool

  • Monitor your site’s ranking
  • Analise and compare rankings of your site with your competitors site
  • Receive weekly report via email of how your site is doing in the SERPs for the specified keywords.

One additional thing I would have loved to see at this web application is the possibility to add more then just one website or the possibility to eventually change the website for which you have registered, so far I see this option nowhere, but maybe that might come out at the next version ;).

Ever tried this web application? Would it make things easier for you? Let us know.

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4 Responses to “Monitor Your Website In SERPs | Free SEO Tool”
  1. carnation says:

    hope i can learn about seo here. thnx

  2. Internet Age says:

    Wow, awesome tool! Plus it’s free, now that’s a bonus. Will check it out and probably write a review on it.

  3. Internet Age says:

    Oh, by the way, here are some great SEO tools that I use currently.

  4. SEO Services says:

    yeah i go through it, from the day i found it, i love to use this tool.