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This weeks around the web and back articles are mostly related on make money online talk and how to increase your online earnings. It is fun to know and test new features that have worked for others. Not always this means it will work out, but most of the times it does, and if it doesn’t it will definitively give you a new idea that you can apply to your site and increase your earnings (through Google adsense, affiliate sales or even private ad sales).

I have mainly picked these articles because after a quick look on my sites I saw many of the unfinished projects that could anyway bring in some revenue as they are, and others that could actually increase my online revenue by just adding a new feature or simply moving on thing or another.

Increase AdSense CTR Overnight

Darren Rowse has wrote about how he has increased his AdSense click through rate for 40% by just moving the ads from one position to another in his site. The fun thing is that, the first position Darren used before is the same position I used too. However it did not took me long to change the position and indeed the revenue increased for a tiny bit.

The article is not more about “exact” position to increase your adsense earnings, but rather the essence of how visitors find the “in content” blended ads more natural. Moral of the lesson, experiment on your site, if one thing doesn’t work you can always go a step behind.

How To Geo-Target Ads

It is nothing new that some advertising companies pay more for certain type of traffic rather then from another type of traffic, traffic which in either case is classified on Geo-Location (Geographical Location) of the visitor. It does tho make sense, U.S. visitors have a higher percentage to purchase a product from a U.S. based company rather then from a company in Malaysia.

However happens that your site traffic is pretty much mixed up and you have visitors from U.S., Canada, Netherlands, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, China etc etc. and you know that WidgetBucks will pay you better for U.S. and Canada visitors while the rest of the traffic will be treated as CPM or it won’t be paid at all. This means loss of money and resources for your site. So what happens with the visitors from United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore and China? Nothing, they leave from your site and you don’t make even a single cent out of them. Not anymore, now you can monetize that traffic as well.

Nihar has wrote a great tutorial on how to geo-target your ads in your site and monetize even visitors from other countries. Lets take for example you are using NeverblueAds affiliates and the advertiser of the campaign you are using pays for UK or Australia traffic as the company is located in UK or Australia. By using the guide on Nihar’s blog you will be able not to lose the UK and Australia traffic and monetize it as well.

Whats spam for me, you and him is not spam for THEM

SEO, links, rankings, serps, traffic, money..Google. All things closely related to each other and all things that we discuss and refer to when we talk about search engine optimization. And the discussion heats up when Google places rules like: If you buy a text link to increase your web presence in our search engine and try to trick our algorithm, we will break your hands pretty roughly and move you on the last page of our SERPs or even deindex your site from our search engine.

This is what we were told and this is what we have seen Google doing this last few months. Well Michael Gray aka Wolf Howl points out something interesting and provocative about a big name, Hawlett Packard and their logo design section and how they deliver free templates embed with footer links pointing to their site and how they are not being penalized for that.

The question is, why one can do it and another one no? Is it because their brand is big and their name is well known? Is it because they are heavily advertising their products though AdWords?

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