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Make Money Online | May 15th, 2008 | 30 Comments

When i first got approved with Kontera contextual advertising I was actually enthusiast, first because I liked how their ads appeared and third because I saw many webmasters using it (and I never did before) that I was eager to test drive them and see what additional cost it could possibly bring to this site, and if it worked I could have used it on other sites as well.

The result was total failure, just little over $10 for several months with Kontera and the poll results just convinced me even more that the traffic I was sending away from seo optimization blog for those cents was not worth, end results…removed Kontera.

I do personally like inline ads, similar to Kontera, and I don’t find them disturbing my browsing experience on other sites so I tried to find a new company that can take over Kontera’s place. However I ended up with AdBrite.

I have to admit that AdBrite’s CPC up to date is way much better then Konteras, tho it has some points that I don’t like either such as

  • I feel the advertisers database is a bit low
  • not much of control over the color of the inline ads
  • payout is via checks only

However, there might be even this option enabled, but so far I have not found it (raises an eyebrow) and the payout method is really so old style. I first hesitated to sign up with them because of the payout method, I believe another optional payout (maybe PayPal) would incentive more users to sign up with them. What i do like tho is the CPC (cost per click) which is 5-10 times better then what Kontera used to pay me.

Aside the inline ads with AdBrite you can chose different type of advertisement, textual links, ad banners or even full page. However those options are something I have already excluded from using here at The fullpage ads are really annoying and when I endup surfing on them I really feel disturbed, the textual links is something I have since always avoided and will avoid, not because of Google but because I feel like to keep the site clean from that perspective and way of making money (maybe in feature I don’t know) and if I would want to replace the affiliate banners on this site then I will certainly sell them privately (already have refused a good amount of proposals) but thats when I can organize my time a little bit better.

However, I would like to hear your opinions and experience with AdBrite if you have used them in the past (or currently).

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30 Responses to “Make Money Online Test Drive AdBrite”
  1. lady says:

    i don’t have a good luck with adbrite,although i like the low payout. In my case, there are times when i get good earnings in a day, and sometimes i just get few cents. in contrast to adsense, earnings from adbrite is low.

  2. Hi Lady,
    Thank you for the comment. Indeed from the stats I can’t place AdBrite’s incontent ads in the same level as Google AdSense, but I saw them as a great “additional” income feature for a site. The main reason why I joined with them, even tho there are lots of things I don’t like with AdBrite, is simply because the CPC is much higher then Kontera.

    In addition I still see ad impressions in my AdBrite panel, but yet when I surf on the blog I don’t see the ads (weird)..

    Thanks for your comment again, hope to read much more from others too.

  3. Can you let me know hoe you get on with them? My Kontera earnings are quite frankly appalling at the moment for the number of impressions I’m giving them.

  4. Hey Paul,
    With AdBrite on this site, three days already, nothing. Actually I don’t even see the ads appear, but from many others (US based visitors) that I asked they do see them. However I also see a report of pageviews from AdBrite panel.

    But to give you a picture, so far it performs something like $0.10 per click on an anime niche site which actually is x10 better then what Kontera was paying for on I have yet to receive a click on channel tho, and I also hope that others do actually see the ads.

    After a month or so I will most likely write a post how adbrite has performed here on dnseo (or even possibly on other sites too).

  5. Interesting, I see them on your home page but not on any individual posts, is it a plug-in or have you added the code manually?

  6. It is a 1 line javascript code that needs to be added manually. Weird that it actually works this way, in homepage but not in the posts..

  7. That’s it, I’m done. 1 too many $3 days at Kontera. I’m signing up now.

  8. Emirham says:

    I have not used adbrite as some of my advertisers do not like random in content ads on my blog. However, I do find that selling in content ads privately can work quite well. Then you have total control over the placement.

  9. One of the bad things I find about Kontera is that it takes forever for the ads to load. How is the adbrite load time?

  10. Apparently neither you see the AdBrite ads on this site, which makes me worry, but however advertisers are most likely geo-targeting their ad campaigns so not a big diel really.

    I have notice the load time of adbrite ads to be pretty well and fast indeed. As time passes I am liking more and more their incontent ads and the earnings per click if I’d have to be honest, much better then Kontera.

  11. InterNet Age says:

    I just dont get why you would use anything other then Adsense, they got the biggest network with the most amount of advertisers. I have not done Adbrite. Have heard some people that are happy and others that are not, but then I guess it matters who the target audience is. Enjoy

  12. seo man says:

    I struggle to get advertisers with Adbrite. Even though if you have a high Alexa rank website you should be able to make quite a bit of money with it.

  13. @InternetAge, the use of adbrite or any other program that can go hand by hand with Google adsense (when it regards to making money online) is a good route to take. Users don’t click if they are not interested in what they see, so giving them (and to you) an additional option to find what they might be interested at it will work.

    Even tho If I won’t use adbrite, if users are not interested in clicking the Google AdSense ads, they won’t and will leave. With AdBrite (or another similar program) the possiblities are higher that a user doesn’t leave without leaving a “tip” (hope you get what I mean).

    @seo man, you are right, the start is hard but as it starts working out it will work out just better and better. For me, so long it performs better then Kontera and even on a less competitive niche (tho works better then kontera even here)

  14. All gone quite over here, you OK?

  15. hi Paul,
    Yeah you are right, its been too long that I haven’t blogged. I moved to Macedonia for the summer, and here…everything is hectic and disorganized..

    Hope will get things fixed and get myself organized a bit so I can start working again normally.

    Thanks for asking tho 😉

  16. Nice, the life of a jet set blogger!

  17. LoL that is a good one Paul.

  18. You guys should also try Adbrite. It works wonders. Even better than google adsense. can jump up to 200$ daily if your really work and have good strategy.

  19. How is Adbrite for video game niche sites? I think i might have tried it and not liked the results. Anyone know?

  20. seo man says:

    I might give AdBrite another try actually. The last time my Alexa rank was a bit too low for them so I could not get an advertiser.

  21. Wendy says:

    I dislike Kontera as you spend much time for loading the ads. It is really unconvinient!!

  22. I will try to probe adbrite after summer.

  23. SEO Tips says:

    Here in South Africa Google rules the roost by a country mile, so it is Adsense to us. Sorry for Adbrite.

  24. Yeah I agree with a comment made by someone else about loading times being slow for Kontera. I wonder how much better the loading time is for Adbrite. It just seems to take forever with Kontera.

    Also I have a blog with a PR2 and basically right after I added Kontera my pagerank went down to PR0. It’s always been at Pagerank of 2 for a long time. What happened? Will my pagerank lower with adding adbrite to blogs too. Why did I get a Google Slap on my Goldfish blog ???? Makes me wonder about adding Adbrite to blogs as, or maybe I should just stick with Adsense.


    Jamie Boyle
    Internet Marketer

  25. Hello Jamie,
    From my own experience the load time with AdBrite is way much smaller and the ad windows is has less graphics. The ads some times are not that targeted but they are much better then with Kontera (used them both, however, I haven’t used Kontera for several months now).

    One thing I can add as positive about Kontera is that their support staff is excellent and very friendly, something I haven’t met in many other advertising firms.

    As far as it regards the losing of your PageRank I really doubt that it was caused by Kontera. Their contextual links are being presented through a javascript, which means it does not pass PR juice so that just fine with Google. Loosing your pagerank might have came from several other things, such as loss of links which were giving you enough PR juice to maintain PR2 until that update.

    However, I would just tell you to check on AdBrite as well, and soon (the next few days) I will write down about a new contextual company which does look promising (and it does bring revenue, at least to me).

  26. Well that’s good news! I know the load time with Kontera is not very good at all. That is something I have seen written on many people’s blogs before I decided to join and add a second revenue stream. With any business, I am sure they will work on improving their program so it benefits everyone.

    I glad to hear that their customer service is excellent. That definitely helps in any good working relationship.

    As far as my pagerank is concerned, it was just weird, or coincidence, that my pagerank dropped after adding Kontera code to my blog. I am going to check out my incoming links with my SEO Elite 4 to see pageranks coming from other sites. I’ll have to keep building up my link popularity on my goldfish blog as I thought it would keep climbing istead of falling 🙂 Oh well more work to do, that’s fine!

    Yeah I will be checking the Adbrite program here tonight. I will make sure to come back and read about this new contextual advertising opportunity that you are talking about. Who know’s maybe they will pay as good as Adsense? So do they? 🙂

    Thanks for getting back to me and love your blog, good job!


    Jamie Boyle
    Internet Marketer

  27. Well I took a look at Adbrite and it looks pretty good. The Only question I have is that I did a lot of research on ” Does Adbrite violate Adsense TOS” and there is a lot of discrepancies. Some say yes and some say no. As far as I am aware, you are allowed using other publishing programs just as long as the Google Adsense ads don’t resemble other competitors ads. In other words change the colours and make sure they don’t look the same. I am right about this eh? There are so many conversations on forums online going back and forth. As far as I know they changed this rule a long time ago about allowing competitor ads on same pages as Adsense ads? Your thoughts?

    Oh yeah when will be publishing your blog post on that new contextual advertising program? Curious 🙂


    Jamie Boyle
    Internet Marketer

  28. Hi Jamie, thanks for dropping back again.

    I am sure you have not signed up with adbrite as of yet. However, in the Google AdSense TOS it does state that in the same page it cannot be used ads similar to Google AdSense.

    Now, AdBrite has several advertising plans, one of which is in conflict with the Google AdSense tos, but there are other plans such as the contextual advertising (similar to kontera) that does not violate the adsense tos.

    As far as it regards the second contextual advertising program…I am already using it on this blog so you can take a look at them. Btw, the article will be published this Wednesday as I won’t be able to do it before that day.

    Kind regards 😉

  29. San Nayak says:

    You are not using adbrite anymore? I never tried this ad network but kontera does well for me.

  30. I Never tried the Adbrite and kontera. I first time heard the About This ads network on this site. Thanks For sharing info. Such Nice Post.