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Lots of new things has happened this past week and lots of new announces have arrived from the big giants. Unfortunately lately I am lacking on time and hence I have not made many seo experiments. What kept me busy is the xhtml coding services and reading that wonderful SEO Book by Aarron Wall apart the things in my real life. Accidentally tho something happened with which permits me to write about something new this coming week.

I was thinking that the articles you have missed reading on SEO Optimization blog to make these series more colorful and share some good articles from the fellow bloggers that wrote something worth reading, but maybe that will happen from the next week. For today, lets look at what have you missed reading the past week.

Website title & SEO

On this article you will be able to learn something more how to SEO your webpages title and be able to easier rank for more than just one keyword. Title of the page is one of the most important on page optimization technique, hence having a well written title will not only help you rank higher but also will increase the click through rate that you will receive from visitors that find your site on the SERPs of the search engines. There is a little bit of contradiction between what I wrote and what Aaron Wall tells us about the titles, but I believe that in order to increase the click through rate first we need to rank well.

The next week I will write about what happened with and how title helps or can destroy our ranking on the SERPs.

New AdSense Ad Units

If webmaster bloggers and not only, are interested in search engine optimization it is not only to get as much as possible readers to their blog or visitors to their product selling site, but it is also to make money online. Since SEO and making money online are closely connected I have a make money online category on which I like to ramble from time to time (and some times pretty often). Google AdSense Team announced that they will changed the AdSense Ad Units click zone into something new. If before we could click on the whole block of the ad to be served with a new website today visitors must click on the Title or the URL. This change according to Google AdSense Team has been made to fight accidental clicks, but many webmasters think that it will make harder to make money from adsense. Personally I don’t see any difference, who has intention to click on a ad he will click it.

My First Impression about Kontera

After my approval for Kontera and the installation of the code I was happy enough to add yet another method to make this blog pay its own bills. Since this is a blog for newbies to learn seo and I am not willing to sell any sort eBooks or charge for SEO services it would be fair enough to handle the bills of this SEO blog from PPC ads and affiliate programs. Thanks god noone has bashed me for the amount of ads that can be found on this site, could be my merit to keep it low or to blend them enough so it all looks natural, could be simply because users find useful these ads or simply they don’t care much. The fact is that these ads are the only things that keep this blog alive and Kontera is just another (and so far seems successful) way to pay the SEO Optimization blogs bills (hopefully in the feature).

I am still learning about Kontera and how to reach the best optimization method to bring me the most revenue, few things that I maybe don’t like is the user panel that doesn’t give me much freedom and doesn’t display up to date stats (which makes it a little harder for me to figure out which optimization method works best) and another thing that bugs me is that I have to use divs to disclose parts of the content that I don’t want to be effected by Kontera instead of commented tags like Google AdSense uses. Overall i believe I will find myself really comfortable with Kontera.

Running a Contest to build backlinks

Contests seems to appear as one of the most effective and win win strategies to build backlinks among the bloggers. There are few things you need before you launch a successful contest, a great product as winning price (and of course as Paul said a product that you will be able to deliver to the winner of the contest), the audience to participate to the contest and simple rules so you could benefit from the contest.

Off topic news
Did you heard who is Google after now? It was obvious that Text Link Ads users were not the only one on the giants list, just that they were as N#1 on the list.

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