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Keywords in the title tags are of extreme importance for SE Optimization, there for we should give priority and high importance to what keywords we are going to chose as title of the website. In WordPress the title of our homepage is always sitename and description of the site/blog, while on the post pages and inner pages the title changes to sitename and post title or page title. Example, if your site name is: SEO Blog and your site’s description is: SEO News your web site title in the homepage will be ‘SEO Blog » SEO News’, and if you have a post with title: The SEO importance of Title tag on my web site and how to use keywords, the title of the page while reading that post would be ‘SEO Blog » The SEO importance of Title tag on my web site and how to use keywords’ we have already exceeded the maximum length of characters.

We don’t actually need to repeat the site name in our title tag unless it contains important keywords for your site, and less, we need our site name as first word in title of post pages and the maximum length of a title is 64 chars (Google would display 66 character title). So if we have a long post title (and we need to use important keywords on post title) and we kept the site name as first word in the title tag we would probably lose the last keywords of the post title. So we need some SE Optimization for our title.

How can we SE Optimize our title? You can use this code

<?php wp_title(‘ ‘); ?>
<?php if(wp_title(‘ ‘, false)) { echo ‘ -‘; } ?>
<?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?>

between <title> and </title> tags in your themes header.php file.

With that code, your title now would look like this: The SEO importance of Title tag on my web site and how to use keywords – SEO Blog (look at the title of so we can keep the posts title keywords different from the homepage’s and the new keywords will be the first one that the SE bot will read once it crawls your site.

If you have basic knowledge of PHP programming language you would want to check Codex WordPress and learn more about how can you tweak your WordPress blog better and SE Optimize it.

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3 Responses to “SEO title hack for WordPress”
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  2. Thanks for this Astrit. Optimising my websites is easy enough, but I really can’t get the hang of WordPress at all, so I’ll definitely be bookmarking the Codex.

  3. As far as I saw Cath you are using All in One SEO Pack, it easy to optimize your title with All In One SEO Pack, tho this hack can work it out pretty nice.